One Minute Ramble: Eleanor Calls

As I write my right ankle throbs as if dancing to the sounds of Storm Eleanor who is whipping through the Grinds outside like nobody’s business.

I’d actually typed ‘shipping’ through the Grinds there… and for a second wondered what on Earth had I meant. It doesn’t look good. It is, it just doesn’t look it.

My right ankle is fine, by the way. I just stepped off a step the wrong way towards the end of last year, and stepped onto the the outside edge of my ankle rather than the base of my foot as any normal person stepping off a step would do. I winced then, as I do now, but I only wince now in adverse weather conditions.

Twigs are flying freely outside, and I have just finished rubbing Deep Heat into my ankle. The twigs are indicative of the adverse weather conditions we are being warned about.

The smell is making me sneeze. I don’t like the smell of Deep Heat as it makes me sneeze, but it is very good with the throbbing.

There’s also a rolling rumbling outside, in the distance. A constant rolling rumbling, like a continuous beat of a drum at quick pace.

Storm Eleanor, it seems, is knocking on every door, every window, every turret she can find.

With hatches battened, she won’t be getting in here.

Blow away, Storm Eleanor.

Blow away.

29 thoughts on “One Minute Ramble: Eleanor Calls

  1. Hope your foot feels better TL….Not much fun. I suppose the basement would be safe if the storm got too bad, then again, safe? Questionable…..Hunker down in the wood paneled library by the huge fireplace and stay cozy. At least you’ll be warm if the power goes off… VK 🙂

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    • The Library was the best bet, VK. Half of the Mansion ended up in Sri Lanka, I think, whilst the part with the Library stayed where it was – and that’s where I was! Yay!
      Eleanor has departed now, and the Mansion is back, although we are now experiencing ‘just’ wind around there ‘ere parts – still as strong but nameless.
      And thank you. The ankle is still tender, but I think it probably will be like that for a while now!

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  2. Be safe, Tom!
    And hope your ankle gets better soon! My left ankle emits this creaky sound sometimes because of the number of times I’ve sprained Deep Heat can be lovely even its menthol-y smell.
    Hope Eleanor leave without causing too much havoc in her wake!

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    • Eleanor is now tearing her way through the rest of Europe now, Shree, according to the last I heard. She isn’t as strong but is still strong – she’ll run out of steam soon.
      Yes, Deep Heat is odd – it makes me sneeze – that mentholy smell must tickle my nostrils!
      My ankle used to click when I walked, but since twisting it that seems to have stopped… not that I’m suggesting you twist your ankle to stop the creaking or anything, Shree! 😀

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  3. Hi Tom! 🙂

    Yes the past 24 hours have been interesting! 🙂

    Some damage to vulnerable fences and sheds, much driving rain and a determination to stay dry! 🙂

    Try talking to your pharmacist as there are alternatives to deep heat which might suit you better!!! 🙂

    Happy New year my friend and look after that ankle!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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    • Thanks, Prenin.
      Luckily we now ‘just’ have wind.
      The ankle’s OK really – just a little tender every now and again… I’ll try something better if it aches any worse…
      And Happy New Year to you too! 😀

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