And here it is… my sixth and final choice for the Beyond the Sphere Sound of Summer!

This takes me back to the days of yesteryear when I was considerably younger, and the Summers were most definitely longer. I was in my penultimate year of school when this was first released, and I certainly wasn’t one of the cool kids. I had my exams coming up (well mostly in 1984 but some subjects were marked on the content completed in 1983), and this was the sound that I would frequently hear as I crammed in all my studying and homework. I loved homework back then. How cool was that?

Obviously, to anyone who has heard them, that was Bananarama. And now, the final version for this year’s Sound of Summer! How time flies.

Sit back with an ice-cold glass of lemonade, don your sunglasses, and look out into the clear blue skies and reflect on any thought that passes you by. This is Chløë Black’s version:

And there we have it. All six of my choices for the Sound of Summer have been played. Next week (or possibly the week after if I can’t work out how to set one up in time!) the polling begins. There will also be links to all of the posts then, should you need to refresh your memory to a particular track! As always, all rights etc. belong to the artists and all involved, and I am merely sharing their work here. Just need to add that!


  1. I’ve been failing miserably at keeping up with all my reading and commenting on blogs and have just caught up with your sounds of summer series today. Of all the ones you have suggested, perhaps this Bananarama one is the one that most immediately transports me back to my younger days and the summer holidays. I was working by the time this one came out. That summer was a very sociable one and in addition to that I was getting ready to go off on my new adventure of a working life abroad. You’ve made me get my own thinking cap on now for other songs which transport me back to the warm (occasionally) days of youthful summer times.

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    1. Thanks, Elaine – I know exactly what you are referring to regarding keeping up – it’d be easy if we had a few extra hours in a day!
      It’s amazing how some tunes can take you instantly to days gone by… I hope you find more songs that trigger your memories.


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