A Six Word Saturday Santa Selfie

Selfie Time!

We haven’t had one of these for a while, have we? Time we had another!

Same old same old…

… only this time with an added Santa hat!

Posted for Becky’s #timesquare challenge. Link below.

And Debbie’s Six Word Saturday (Yes, I know I’ve used more than six words in this post, but the rules say only the title needs to have six words. Besides, and as an added bonus, I’ve highlighted six random words above. Well, it has to be done!) Link below.

Desperately Seeking Selfie

Long time visitors will be well aware of my absolute inept ability to take a Selfie of myself.

This post highlights some of the latest attempts to do so whilst out in the Grinds one of the days last week. It was a particularly warm afternoon, not that that is an excuse, but the Sun was also extremely bright and I couldn’t see a thing. In fact, it was so bright, the accidental eye Selfie actually has a reflected Selfie of me in it taking the Selfie! Although I have no idea how I managed to zoom in that close to my eye, whilst being unable to see, and take such a clear Selfie.

However, for this time at least, I shall class that as Mission Accomplished!

This Year’s Model

As is customary around these here parts, and around this time of the year, one has to dress up for the Annual Santa Selfie post, which happens to be this post this year. As you may or may not be aware, I take terrible Selfies. Absolute shockers. And from those dreadful captures of moments in time, I have to choose the best one to post here. Fortunately, quite a pleasing one came along earlier than expected this year, so I didn’t have to wait for an age. That makes all the difference when one is slightly on the short side, time-wise.

I’ve just noticed how red brings out the colour of my eyes… which must explain why they appear as bloodshot as they do so often…

Well. ‘tis the season for a giggle or two, so why not?!

And, just for proof (if ever it were needed!) here’s an example of just one of the terrible Selfies:

Although some may say this is a slight improvement. Charming, I say!!!

Through the ages (Part One)

I stumbled across a box of old photographs earlier today – and some photos were of me in a past life! I kid you not.

Way back when, long before I was a blogger (and not a very good one for the last few days – I apologise about that!), I was a different person completely.

Back in the year 202AD, I was actually a Roman Emperor. I know! Me! Thomasus of Deva. Apparently, I didn’t last very long in the job, because, according to the limited information I’ve been able to decipher since finding the photographs this afternoon, I was something of a party animal. Far too racy for the hip Romans of the day (and they used to party like there was no tomorrow!) I was deemed somewhat unsuitable for Emperor. The photograph I have of this time is actually a mosaic, but it shows just what a cool dude Thomasus was:

In this lifetime, I haven’t always been as cool. Back in the 1980s, as today, I still had terrible hair (although that came with the bonus of a face full of spots):

I was also the works’ charades champion, but unfortunately, the person who took this photo of me didn’t go to the same Selfie School that I attended, so they managed to get the parts of me into a photo that I usually fail to:

I’ve always been a snappy dresser. Well, with bad hair and spots one has to be.

Back then, I was a very studious person, and used to scrutinise everything I could get may hands on to read:

All that studying meant one thing. There had to be time for parties once again:

(The above photo was one of my early Selfies, where I’d set the timer on the old 110 camera and run around to get into the shot before the time was up. On most occasions, I failed, but some, like the above, I almost made it) Fortunately for me, somebody else managed to take the photo that I failed at:

This trip down memory lane will continue in a future post. There’s a lot of photos to wade through!