Blogger’s Block is still apparent today. I mean I have a lot to write about… but the words just will not flow from my mind through my arms, down to my fingertips and then through the keys on the keyboard.

I had to post something, and didn’t want the post to be entirely about nothing (although it is!), so I’ve delved back into my creations folder and come across these very poor computer representations of moi, and decided to use them for the post. I mean the only thing that is somewhat similar is the hair…

I wonder if normal service will be resumed tomorrow? We shall see!

10 thoughts

  1. What a handsome guy! I see your by your icon you’re feeling blue. . .sorry bud. Stay warm, or cool, and have some tea or gin, eat healthy or a whole carton of ice cream, whatever it takes to survive the woes of the world right now.🥰🖖🏻😎

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    1. Thanks, Cheryl… will do. And you too!
      The blue isn’t a ‘mood reflection’, by the way… it’s just so’s that I blend in with my new theme’s colours! 😀 It may or may not stay that way – can’t quite decide yet!


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