Oh, how good that would be! But, I’m not quite ready yet to do one thing every day that scares me. I don’t even know all of the things that do scare me, being honest… but I know one thing: cameras!

Oh yes. Those pesky things that we end up on walking into shops… or in the background of someone’s photo… or in Selfies. If I end up on CCTV, my eyes are drawn to myself immediately. I think “Is that me?” and then “That can’t be me.” And then I need to check myself out to make sure it is me. Confidence flies out of the door behind me, and I’m left there gawping at an image of someone (who may or may not be me!) gawping upwards. Horrible, terrifying feeling.

So, at  the grand old age of (ahem) 24, I’m tackling that fear face on. Head and shoulders on, in some cases. Inspired by Tilly’s post yesterday, I thought “Why not?” I’m not singing. It’s just a photo. When my book’s published, and becomes not only a world best seller, but a Universal one, my photo will be everywhere then. And my proper name, but an updated photo is as far as I’m going today. These photos are so up to date, they were me this afternoon.

None of those top of my head Selfies that I used to so aptly take of myself, oh no. These are proper, full-on Selfies. And a couple made into kinda Selfie Squares for Becky’s KindaSquares challenge.

Now I know I’ve used photos of myself on the blog before… some adapted slightly, but they are usually old photos, and I’ve changed quite a bit since then. Although not too much, seeing I’m 24 and all that. And I will continue to use those caricatures I’ve created based on how I think I look from time to time,but today, this is me. All me. Fear aside.




Hello world!

And not a forced smile in sight! Although I did need to sit down. Cameras, you see!

So… would you do one thing a day that scares you? Would you do just one thing? I’m just asking… you don’t have to. We all have to do our own thing!

Do what feels right and enjoy it! It has to be done that way!

Happy Wednesday!

(Oh, and check out more squares on Becky’s site, the link is above, and check out Tilly’s post through the link in my post from yesterday!)

39 thoughts

  1. Brave…Brave….You handsome devil you! That was a huge step, more like a mega jump! The good part is you did it and the world didn’t blow up…Yet Well done TL and very inspiring…Thanks…VK

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  2. hee hee you had me giggling away, and also zooming out – not because i didn’t want to see your handsome face but i was trying to work out which photos were square!!!!

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    1. Only the black and white one is truly square, Becky. The last one should’ve been, but it appears to have warped in transit.
      Sorry if the photos of my mug are a little too large! 😳😊


  3. Not at all a bad face for a 24 year old…In fact, a very nice one. A warm smile which lights up your friendly eyes, a perfectly good, aquiline nose; a kind expression and not a jug ear in sight…(Being ancient,I avoid cameras…) Cheers..

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  4. Well, hello young man! How nice to see the real you. Folks are more likely to see a photo of my cat than me, although there’s one over there on my profile (it’s not THAT old). Not sure I’m up to one scary thing every day… although releasing a novel is quite scary, and that’s on the cards soon.

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    1. Hello, Chris! 😁
      That’s 365 scary things over the year, which seems a tad excessive! One every now and again is much better!
      Oh, and good luck with your new novel! 🙂

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  5. Who knew??? I’ve popped over and found a real selfie of you today.
    A great selfie of you with a twinkle in your eyes showcasing a peacefully happy young 24-year-old ( Cough, Cough lol) Seriously, they’re all good pics. You had nothing to fear about unveiling who you are. Besides, we’d have seen you on your book jacket.
    Mmmmm … good question … Fear??? I may think about that for a post too.
    Have a superb week, Tom. Be Safe …
    Isadora 😎

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  6. Yay! Finally we get to see just how handsome you are, surpassing the imagination! As to scary things to do, not sure which is more scary – 1and half hours in the dentist chair or the £200 upfront bill I just had to pay for this visit…almost on Halloween!

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    1. Thanks, Icewolf. It was time.
      I was at the dentist around this time last year, and it wasn’t so bad… although I did develop Bell’s palsy during the treatment which was a bit of an experience.


        1. Not that the treatment, I slowly hasten to add, caused the palsy… that just came on on its own accord. The treatment was scheduled around it. It was an experience!

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  7. How nice to see what you look like! That’s the first time for me.

    I don’t do one thing a day that scares me, but I do make a conscious effort to say yes to things that scare me as they come up – like recording myself singing without the rest of the choir 🙂 That was enough scares to last a year.

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    1. That kind of scare would last me (and everyone who heard me!) for at least a decade! 🤣 You did wonderfully!
      Oh, and, Hello, Tilly! I do indeed look like that. Well, some of the time!!!

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