Beyond the Sphere

Desperately Seeking Selfie

Long time visitors will be well aware of my absolute inept ability to take a Selfie of myself. This post highlights some of the latest attempts to do so whilst out in the Grinds one of the days… Read More

This Year’s Model

As is customary around these here parts, and around this time of the year, one has to dress up for the Annual Santa Selfie post, which happens to be this post this year. As you may or may… Read More

Through the ages (Part One)

I stumbled across a box of old photographs earlier today – and some photos were of me in a past life! I kid you not. Way back when, long before I was a blogger (and not a very… Read More

The Art of Deception

In a previous life, in a land and time far, far away, I was a classically trained actor. I tread the boards before there were any boards to be tread. I acted in the midst of a semi-circle… Read More

Old Saint Nick

Well, less of the old, not a saint and Tom rather than Nick, but almost. Ho ho ho! Yes, it’s yet another Selfie of me… this time, though, a festive one. Well, it is the season and all… Read More