Space Canary

I was just off floating around the Universe, as you do, when I noticed a flock of yellow feathery bundles on a passing asteroid. That’s very odd, I thought, and went over for a closer look. There, before my very eyes were several yellow canaries. They were all chirping merrily away, as if being on a lump of rock in outer space was the most natural thing to them. Naturally, I had to take a photo with my mobile phone, when one of them stood and proudly posed. The others looked on, as though it were a regular occurrence. Two quick photos later, the canary rejoined the others in the bundle, and they continued with their amazingly unique version of the dawn chorus. Well, it was more of a rock anthem, actually, what with them being on an asteroid.

My apologies. It’s them mushrooms, I tell ya!

Don’t forget: Party tomorrow! Open-mouthed smile

Blog Party Invitation


Remember in a recent post when I promised that an announcement will soon be made? Well, this isn’t it, but it’s on its way. Hehehe!

This post, however, is a quick and cheeky party invitation to my Blog Party on Friday 25th November 2016. The party will run from 00:00 UK time up until 23:59, so for 24 hours, give or take a minute or two. Plenty of time to get involved.

The theme?

Well, I wonder.

Let’s just PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999, shall we?

I’m grateful for each and every visitor I receive, and always welcome new ones. Every now and then these parties are great for everyone to mingle a little more.

All you need to do to attend is comment, reply to other comments or even comment amongst yourselves (I may not be here for the full 24 hours, you see…!), visit other commenter’s blogs if you so desire, or ‘bring’ with you any of the following items related to 1999:

  • 1999 music – pop on a quick link to a music video if you so wish
  • 1999 food – a quick and easy recipe idea so we can all make something quick and tasty whilst we’re at the virtual party
  • 1999 tale – a quick and comical anecdote from 1999; or perhaps a 1999 joke (there has to be one!)
  • 1999 art – perhaps you have a piece of art related to 1999 you’d like to share – or create, even!
  • 1999 poetry – someone must have a poem related to 1999, surely!
  • 1999 – anything. And if you don’t have anything 1999 related, don’t worry – pop along anyway.
  • Bring a friend – if you think a friend from another blog you follow may be interested in calling by the Mansion – mention the party to them so they can call by and say Hi, if they so wish (and recommending one of their favourite posts on their blog is an easy way to introduce themselves). I shall be switching off the comment moderation thingy for the party, so the door will be open, so comment, Comment, COMMENT! I will reply (I promise – and I shall be catching up with all of the other comments very shortly as well… I’m nothing if not busy these days!)


The time – anytime on Friday UK time – times may vary depending on your own particular time zone. I’d love to see each time zone represented, if possible, although that may be asking too much!

The place – right here at the Mansion – possibly in the Orangery

The shape – certainly not square – we’re in a sphere don’t forget!!!

See you on Friday.

Aswas As Willbe

Little secluded hideaways
Shelter from the Sun
Those days are now memories
Now that Winter has begun
Days of Spring behind us
Autumn sings her farewell song
But in a few months time again
Those days will spring along
Meanwhile, it’s time to chill
To reflect on what has been
To wrap up warm and welcome in
The pleasant Christmas scene
Focus on the present
Remember what has passed before
Prepare now for the future
And for more days to adore
Aswas as willbe
If we wish it so
But what ifs and maybes
If today new seeds we sow


Inspiration has drained away
I’m left
And clutching at straws

Typing words for typing sake
Or word’s sake for that matter
To fill a space
That doesn’t really need filling
Yet it feels wrong not to do so
Not the time yet, not just yet

Here I am
Drained of inspiration
And still filling a space.

I still have an announcement to make. But no, it can wait…