Beyond the Sphere

One’s Still in a Grump!

Sigh. I’m up and down like a yoyo this week. Monday, I was down, like really down, doing one of those yoyo walks along the floor things, more commonly known as Sleeper moves, apparently (or probably). Tuesday, I… Read More

Cheers ears!

I’m much more relaxed after yesterday’s post, thank you for asking. So relaxed, I managed to visit a few blogs, only a few mind, and left a handful of comments. The other blogs will be visited over the… Read More

Harrumph! Groan. Mutter. Grumble. Gripe.

I’m feeling stressed, and my skin is showing it. I’m feeling tired, and my eyes are showing it. I’m feeling achy, and my movements are showing it. I’m feeling rushed, and everything I do is showing it. And… Read More