Beyond the Sphere


Gone are the rains, the wind, and the thunder Clear are the skies, and the air that lies under Dry is the breeze, that blows very slow And rosy are my cheeks as I positively glow Not sunburnt,… Read More


There’s  a storm-a-brewin’ out in the Grinds. Heavy, yellow skies, lengthened rumbles of distant thunder, and flashes of sheet lightning kind of give the game away. The shadows seem darker. The air heavier. The rain just a bit… Read More

Cave Magic

  Enid shivered beneath the great rock. Carmichael tried his best to keep the fire burning, but the strong winds and torrential rain thwarted his every move. They were both caked in mud, as was Snowy, the normally… Read More

Wordle: Unwelcome Advice

They doubt your authenticity With your talk of love and pain When you break away suddenly To meet your own selfish gains Gossip mongers chitter Heads tilt with wild tales – But I choose not to listen –… Read More

Evening Daydream

With a slight chill being carried on the gentlest of evening breezes, I sit, looking out of the window. I listen to the world settling down after another day. The sky above is clear. Stars and the Moon… Read More