Beyond the Sphere

Wordle: Washday

It was the final straw. Clothes strewn across the floor. Laundry basket upside down, Socks writhed around the dressing gown, Inside out tie dye shirts And a major darks with lights alert. Sunday bests with overalls Deplorable… and… Read More

As Seasons Pass

  As days grow shorter And trees put on a display Change is underway As nights grow cooler And birds start to disappear Change is in fact here As Summer leaves us And Autumn begins to show Constant… Read More

Missing Eclipses

I’m fascinated by the skies, you may or may not be aware. If I’m not flying around in them, I’m staring upwards. Sometimes at the sky, sometimes beyond it. My head is very often up in the clouds…… Read More

There was a hot day in September

There was a hot day in September Far warmer than I can remember But the wind blew a gale And brought with it some hail Making everywhere look like December! Guffaw! Guffaw! The day started covered in haze… Read More


Gone are the rains, the wind, and the thunder Clear are the skies, and the air that lies under Dry is the breeze, that blows very slow And rosy are my cheeks as I positively glow Not sunburnt,… Read More