Beyond the Sphere

Questioning Reality: Is 10 a Random Number?

Questioning Reality is an occasional series and is a complete work of fiction. The views contained herein are nothing whatsoever to do with the author, and instead are based on the views of the character ‘Thom’. Thom is… Read More

Ten Minute Doodle: Rainman

It rains on snowmen too! For some reason, the thought insisted I create a quick doodle… it took slightly longer than ten minutes, but “Slightly Longer Than Ten Minute Doodle: Rainman” seemed a little long for a title… Read More

Silly. Sorry.

Seriousness and silliness in the same sentence can seem slightly strange, but some can seem seriously silly and others sillily serious at the same time. Still, sillily may seem like a silly word, strangely, and certainly it is… Read More