Ten Minute Doodle: Rainman

It rains on snowmen too!

For some reason, the thought insisted I create a quick doodle… it took slightly longer than ten minutes, but “Slightly Longer Than Ten Minute Doodle: Rainman” seemed a little long for a title for a quickie.

My mind at times, eh?

Silly. Sorry.

Seriousness and silliness in the same sentence can seem slightly strange, but some can seem seriously silly and others sillily serious at the same time. Still, sillily may seem like a silly word, strangely, and certainly it is and isn’t in equal measure. Sillily is a word, a silly word, silly sounding, silly looking and silly meaning (in a senseless manner), certainly succinctly suitable for a strange but serious post of seventy seven words on silliness.