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One Minute Ramble: Imagination

With a flash of light
A swirl of smoke
A click of heels
Or a sprinkling of shiny whatnots
The world around us changes
The sky is no longer blue, but what colour is it?

We use more than our eyes to see
More of our minds to take in where we are
And more of our senses to live

Can we fly?
We can fly!
We can race with and against the clouds
Ride upon a raindrop and slide down a rainbow
Slide down a rainbow… wow!
Chase unicorns; dragons; butterflies
Be chased by unicorns, dragons and butterflies
Feel the wind
Feel the rain
Feel the sunshine

Where are we now? Ah, we’re away again
On the open seas; in outer space; down on a farm; in a magical place
Up a mountain; inside a lake; being licked by a lion (who’s name is Jake)
Or we’re walking a wolf in the silvery moonlight
Or thinking that today is really tonight
We’re meeting friends we have never met
Or they’re meeting us – better yet!
We are in our own special land
Where no-one knows, yet all understand
Our mind is a great place where we can play
And where we go, well, who can say?
Our mind is the place where we can change our fate
We can never be too early, nor ever be too late
We are always welcome, never really lost
And everything is here without a cost!

I’m riding a polar bear on my way to Timbuktu
And you are… oh, hello there… where were you?


One Minute Ramble: Summer Storm

Storm clouds, sunThe air seems thicker… hotter… stickier
The sunlight is just about getting through
A surreal darkness fills the mid afternoon
As the weather decides what to do
The wind is slight and welcome
Although the breeze is hardly there
The trees are braced, the birds hidden
For they know what is in the air
A distant rumble
A flash of light
The sky is hidden
As though it’s night
The thunder booms overhead
Raindrops freshen (it must be said)
Lightning forks across the sky
The clouds roll and swirl up above
It rains and stops and rains some more
Even heavier than before
More thunder claps and lightning streaks
Then sunbeams filter through the clouds
Blue skies appear once again
The rain stops, a rainbow glows
The warm sun reappears
The thunder has passed – it has moved on
It’s odd, this weather; these summer storms
As quickly
as they start, they are gone…

One Minute Ramble: Sleep is calling

…Late nights and early mornings… means tired eyes and constant yawning… sleep is calling ‘come, join in’… in one short moment sleep can begin… and in the sleep, maybe a dream?… and maybe a clue as to what it means?… but if no dream, it’s still alright… I think I will sleep well tonight… and even if it’s for an hour… the sleep will restore some of my power… this is the end of this short post… ninety words (well almost)…sleep

One Minute Ramble: Saturn’s Sunrise

Saturn Sunrise

Sunrise on Saturn
Is a spectacular sight
With pink fluffy clouds and rainbows of light
The mystical rings shimmer in colours ne’er before seen
Blues that are red
And whites that are green
Oceans of gas and islands of air
Metals are liquid and no life is there
To see the spectacular Saturn sunrise
That for most of the day fills all of the skies