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Dusk is…

The time that’s neither dark nor light, the time between day and night
The time that creatures settle down, the time that revellers head to town
The time that quietens after a busy day, the time that children go in from play
The time strange noises start to sound, the time long shadows cover the ground
The time that some get up for work, the time the shadow dwellers start to lurk
The time the wolves begin to howl, the time the vampyrs start to prowl
The time the lights are all switched on, the time that begins with the setting sun

One Minute Ramble: Back to it…

“No time to post!” shrieks this blog’s host as time is slipping by
”Need time to rest, to look my best, although I wonder why…”
Thinking back, it’s not rest I lack, but things to say I’ve done,
I’ve had a break, and I chose to take the time instead of fun.
Time off was good, and if I could, I’d love to have some more,
But I have to work (I’m not one to shirk – of that I’m very sure)
The days pass quick, and ‘in a tick’, the weekend will again be here,
But by then, I may need rest again, if my ‘to do’ list isn’t clear…

Week Over! (almost)

Back to normal
Monday morning
Even though it’s Saturday night
The last day
Of my holiday
Is clearly within my sight
I’ve not stopped time
Or slowed it down
Even though I tried my best
Although time passed
A little too fast
I can say I’ve had a rest!

Ghost House

Haunted Mansion
This house is more than just a home to spiders, beetles and flies
It is also filled with occupants who wail and shriek and cry…

The White Lady drifts from room to room
Looking for her twin
Her sister, who so long ago,
Locked the cellar and kept her in…

The Knight rides upon his horse
Through the rooms on the upper floor
Fighting an on-going battle
That will go on for ever more…

The Count who lived here long ago
And didn’t want to sell
Stayed beyond the night that he died
After being pushed down the well…

The Friendly Girl who was so in love
With the boy from down the lane
Whose love outlived the two of them
And wants togetherness again…

The Lord who ruled his piece of land
With more than an iron fist
Whose bad breath, it’s said, manifests
As a green and pungent mist…

The Jester, the Joker, the Evil Clown
Who is seen in every room
Tries to make any visitor laugh
But makes them leave too soon…

This house is more than just a home
Each room contains a tale
Every bang is a sign that someone’s there
And not just a reason to turn folk pale

One Minute Ramble: Sixth Sense

Hearing colours
Seeing sounds
Feeling things
That aren’t around
Knowing thoughts
I shouldn’t know
Sensing things
Not ‘in the flow’
That appear
From loved ones
No longer here
Is it all
Just pretence…
Or do I have
A sixth sense?