Do you ever feel that your life is not your own?
Do you ever feel that you knew what you were shown?
Do you ever feel familiarity in a place you’ve never been?
Do you ever recognise a face that you know you’ve never seen?
Do you ever notice a scent forgotten long ago?
Do you ever sing a song that you simply just don’t know?
Do you ever know what’s going to happen next?
Do you ever struggle to send a simple text?
Do you ever find yourself without a single thought?
Do you ever remember lessons never taught?
Do you ever find yourself sitting in a daze?
Do you ever wish to change someone else’s ways?
Do you ever sit and think of what could have been?
Do you ever regret a time when you were very mean?
Do you ever sit and be, and take time to look around?
Do you ever notice all the greatness that abounds?
Do you ever stop and think “I’m a part of all of this”?
And do you ever ponder the complexities of all that is?

16 thoughts

  1. I try to make sense of it all…all of the time. I ask these very same questions, Tom. But, I don’t have any answers. I just continue to think and think and think….Oh, help!


  2. Ah Yes….the deep questions that keep us forever on a search. Life would be so boring without deep thinking. That is part of what is wrong today. Nobody thinks deep and nobody asks questions anymore. They just shuffle along with the program never asking themselves if it is right or wrong…Hence we are where we are today. Keep thinking deep TL.If not us asking, who?.. VK 🙂


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