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The Spirit of the Tree


I’m watching you almost every day
I listen to every word you say
You hear me rustle as you walk on by
When it rains, I can keep you dry
I do not move as I’m everywhere
See a tree ~ and I’m there
Look through the leaves ~ see the space
Then notice the smile upon my face
I will always smile when you look for me
For I’m the Spirit of the Tree

One Minute Ramble: Sleep is calling

…Late nights and early mornings… means tired eyes and constant yawning… sleep is calling ‘come, join in’… in one short moment sleep can begin… and in the sleep, maybe a dream?… and maybe a clue as to what it means?… but if no dream, it’s still alright… I think I will sleep well tonight… and even if it’s for an hour… the sleep will restore some of my power… this is the end of this short post… ninety words (well almost)…sleep

One Minute Ramble: Saturn’s Sunrise

Saturn Sunrise

Sunrise on Saturn
Is a spectacular sight
With pink fluffy clouds and rainbows of light
The mystical rings shimmer in colours ne’er before seen
Blues that are red
And whites that are green
Oceans of gas and islands of air
Metals are liquid and no life is there
To see the spectacular Saturn sunrise
That for most of the day fills all of the skies

One Minute Ramble: Disconnected

Major problems connecting to the internet this evening… I know when something isn’t right when Google Chrome can’t find Google. Still, perseverance is the key. Where there’s a will there’s a way and all that. As I can’t get on line, I thought I’d write something just in case… I have a window of opportunity. In between downtime there is uptime, and that is the window I am aiming for.

The connection is gone
The web is down
The outside world ceases
Messages fail
Updates go unnoticed
No time to fall to pieces.
Questions asked like
How long until I’m back on line
Plumbed into the World
(The world wide web)
And all my favourite places.
Only time will tell…
Hope it’s not too long
When I can re-use the ‘lifeline’
That Cyber Space is…
A connection to the outside world
And to my friends with words, not faces…

Mysterious dream: Up!


I dreamt that I was up last night
No, not awake, and not in flight,
I dreamt that I was up on high
On a rock; or in a building – not in the sky
I could see the view for miles around
The clouds, the sea, and most of the ground.
But where was I looking, and what did I see?
Sometimes, my dreams are a mystery to me.
When on the rock, I could see the river below
As it split in two to continue its flow
Around the rock and down to the sea
But how I got there is a mystery to me…
When in the building I was on the fifth floor
In a large room, but there wasn’t a door
It was an open plan office, that was as clear as day,
And in the far corner was an open stairway 
I looked through a window, but what did I see?
I don’t know; that’s another mystery to me…
Sometimes my dreams are crystal clear,
Sometimes my dreams leave a feeling of fear
Sometimes my dreams are random and fun,
And sometimes they’re forgotten before the day has begun.  
Parts of my dream are still in my mind,
But only the parts that I can still find.
When stood up on the rock I could see far and wide,
Yet when in the room I couldn’t see outside.
My dreams may have a meaning for me
But this one is a real mystery to me!