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The Gathering

werewolf The roads are quiet
The night is dark
The wolves are howling out in the park
vampire The clouds are heavy
The rain is strong
The vampires will be here before too long
The time is late
The day is done
zombie You can hear the zombies having their fun
You’re safe inside
Ready to dream
Sleep and you’ll miss the banshee’s scream
The wraiths are out
The nightmares trot
It’s best to avoid this little lot
banshee But if you wake
Be prepared
A meeting of sorts has been declared…


Candlelight and Shadowdance

Candle and ShadowWatch the shadows bob and weave
As the candle’s flame sighs and breathes
Glowing bright,
Fading low,

Suddenly, the flame once more glows…
The flame:  It dips, and drips, and      bows, and stretches
Casting shadows in all directions
The shadows dance as though connected
Wrapping around the light projected
From the candle that is very still
The flame is alive,
Yet the shadows
All act
Upon its will.

Inner Magic


This may sound strange
But if you want change
You must follow this
And not dismiss
The words I write
This very night.
Close your eyes
And look within
See your life…
Allow this magic in.
The change you need
Begins with you
You need not believe
But it is true.
You write your story…
You fill your page…
Your dreams are your guide…
And the World is your stage…
If you feel good, that’s all the better.
Begin your change with a single letter.

Dusk is…

The time that’s neither dark nor light, the time between day and night
The time that creatures settle down, the time that revellers head to town
The time that quietens after a busy day, the time that children go in from play
The time strange noises start to sound, the time long shadows cover the ground
The time that some get up for work, the time the shadow dwellers start to lurk
The time the wolves begin to howl, the time the vampyrs start to prowl
The time the lights are all switched on, the time that begins with the setting sun

One Minute Ramble: Back to it…

“No time to post!” shrieks this blog’s host as time is slipping by
”Need time to rest, to look my best, although I wonder why…”
Thinking back, it’s not rest I lack, but things to say I’ve done,
I’ve had a break, and I chose to take the time instead of fun.
Time off was good, and if I could, I’d love to have some more,
But I have to work (I’m not one to shirk – of that I’m very sure)
The days pass quick, and ‘in a tick’, the weekend will again be here,
But by then, I may need rest again, if my ‘to do’ list isn’t clear…