Slightly out of sync

Hmmm. Weird kind of day.

Not weird as in green skies, pink elephants and people wearing watermelons on their feet… but weird. Slightly odd. Missing the mark a tad. That kind of weird.

Woke up this morning (well, not that you could call it waking up, as I don’t think I slept last night. If I did it was for an hour… possibly the hour before I woke up) and I had a slight headache.

I think I’m still coming down with a cold or something. The spots have gone, so that’s good. The stiff neck is still there, and I am REALLY feeling the cold. And it has gone seriously cold this evening. Brrr. I’m feeling it.

Anyway, back to this morning. Woke up with a headache, filled my bath and started to get myself ready for work. Had  a strange shimmering white light around my vision just after my bath, which I put down to seeing the reflection of my eco-friendly lightbulb in the bathroom mirror. The light had been diffused (if that’s the correct word to use… I’m cold and my brain isn’t working as well as it usually does…), and the blue colour was very clear at the bottom. The red was also visible at the top, but not as clear. And the white light in the middle was bright. Very bright. Probably my own fault for looking at it – which I didn’t do on purpose the first time I looked.

I managed to do my ironing with one eye, and dressed myself equally well with the same eye. I then went to work, and worked really hard. Me… working really hard. Something is out of sync here. The computer program was meant to be using Friday’s dates, but it was deciding that Thursday’s were better. So it wasn’t working right, and I had to see if I could work out why. I’m not a computer programmer, so I couldn’t. I just had to report that it was using the wrong date. Which it was, so that was a very accurate description, if I say so myself. Not in-depth, but accurate.

Headache lingered all day, over the left eye. The eye with the bright white light in was the right one, and this disappeared after twenty minutes or so this morning. The headache became stronger as I bent down for things, but went away when I stood up again. Apart from that, I felt fine.

For some reason, the girls in the office kept receiving flowers, cards and balloons. They must all have the same birthday is all I can think of (I’m not mentioning the other thing – bah humbug). The girls who didn’t receive any flowers, cards or balloons looked a little put out. And sounded it on the occasions when I heard them making hushed comments to other colleagues. I knew there’d be trouble.

Printer – out of paper. Pen – out of ink. All sorted, and then more work, until home time. The time went by quickly. It’s quite good, this being busy. I may try it again tomorrow.

Luckily, the headache is going now. And so’s the neck ache. And the back ache. Oh, the back ache came on with the cold. Which is why I think I’m coming down with a cold.

I’m off to bed now, with a lovely cold remedy, to sleep. And when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be fully connected with the real world again. Unless the sky is green, I see pink elephants, and drive to work in my comfortable watermelons. In which case, I will turn back, return home, and go straight back to bed.

Valentine’s weekend (3)

Random Valentines

Well, Valentine’s Day is nearly here. All the shopping is done and the gifts are wrapped. Hang on, I’m thinking about Christmas there – please ignore that last sentence. I haven’t got any gifts for Valentine’s Day. Or cards. To send or receive. And I know for a fact that I won’t receive any tomorrow. I’m not complaining when I say that either… I really do not want to receive any. I don’t mind not receiving anything, but I have had to write it that many times to get the point across, it sounds as though I do mind. Which I don’t.

Anyway, moving on…

I watched the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’ today, by pure coincidence as I didn’t know that it was on TV. Something ‘Valentiny’ was bound to be broadcast somewhere, but this was on. And I actually enjoyed it, it was very good. The story revolves around couples and single people, and their intertwining lives on Valentine’s Day. There are a few twists and turns during the story, and a few nice surprises along the way too. It’s a very watchable movie, and the way how all of the characters’ individual stories overlap is very cleverly written. It also has an all-star cast as well, including Taylors Lautner and Swift, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Kathy Bates, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Patrick Dempsey and lots of other familiar faces. I’m not very experienced or good at writing movie reviews, and after watching a movie I either classify it as good or bad. ‘Valentine’s Day’ is most definitely in the good category. So I would recommend it.

I was trying to find a poem to use in this post which summed up my two previous posts very succinctly, but I couldn’t find any. I have read quite a few good poems, however, at which cover a whole range of topics, so if you are looking for a certain poem try there. That was a public service announcement. The following poem is not from their site, and is something I have thrown together…

Valentines is nearly here
Oh whoopee, let’s all cheer!
A card, I wonder, will I get?
Or roses, chocolates or better yet
Champagne to sip and make me happy.
More likely nothing but I won’t feel crappy
It’s just a day like any other
And I’ve got me… do I need a lover?
A wife? A husband? A special friend?
I’ll meet someone in the end.
But for now I have my space,
My nice and comfy special place.
I can do my own thing at any time
And no need to worry about Valentines.

It’s a bit bleak on the Valentine front, I’ll admit, but it celebrates freedom and independence. It also starts and ends with the word ‘Valentines’ which wasn’t planned but looks good…

And that completes my mini run on Valentine’s Weekend. Whatever you are doing on Valentine’s Day, enjoy it. Enjoy your card(s) if you get one. Enjoy your strawberries if you eat some. Enjoy your champagne if you drink some. Enjoy your day whatever you do if, like me, you aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day. There are lots of other things to be doing on a Monday!

Valentine’s weekend (2)

Why Valentine’s? Part Two: The Up Side

Love is a many splendoured thing, as the song goes. I always thought it was splendid, but that’s my hearing for you. But having said that:

Splendour: the state or quality of being splendid

I was right anyway! I like the word splendid! It’s great! And according to the song there are many splendid aspects that make up the feelings of love. And all of those feelings feel good!

And I like to feel good!

Now, if Valentine’s was a celebration of love and the feelings associated to feeling good, I would be right at the front of the queue waiting for the door to open! You can never have too many feel good feelings or experiences that boost that feel good feeling. And the feelings are absolutely free as well! You may have to do a little work to switch the feelings on, but once they are switched on the work was more than worth it!

So, in helping with the feel good feelings, Valentine’s Day can be quite useful.

I wrote yesterday about the ‘wannabes’ sending cards to people who don’t know they exist. Actually, Bernard wrote that post – I allowed him to come to the front and type away (for those who do not know Bernard, he is my nagging inner voice – the one who says I am not good enough in whatever I do. I have to let him out sometimes because he just won’t shut up if I don’t!).

The wannabes are one side of the equation. The other side is the people who receive the anonymous Valentine’s cards. Those who may have very low self confidence or low self esteem. Those who’s Bernards have a louder voice than is necessary and generally don’t feel good about themselves. These people will receive a boost when receiving a Valentine’s; somebody actually does like them. Some may be intrigued as to who sent them the card, others may tell themselves that someone has sent it as a joke, but they will all feel good – for a brief moment at least – that they have been sent one.

So, the generation of good feelings is a splendid reason to be top of the list.

The music industry wouldn’t be where it is without love. Songs are written based on all of the feelings associated with love (from the negative side of the scale to the positive side), and coincidentally, most people love songs. Most love songs are ‘gushy’ and really touch the heart, but are generally nice to listen to. ‘Valentine’ by Jim Brickman and Martina McBride is a classic example of this, and is a song that has to be heard once. However, quite a lot of love songs are about breaking up, which touch on the negative aspects of love. The feel good feelings associated with these songs are release, freedom, new starts – and memories of the feelings when the romance first started. All good, apart from the break-up itself which may not be so. Things need to be kept in balance.

All in all, music is good for Valentine’s, and is number two on my splendid list.

Chocolates. Strawberries. Champagne. Pizza. A nice curry. Lemonade. Green tea with vanilla. Oysters. Food and drink that are associated with love and Valentine’s are as varied as the feelings can be extreme. I’ve never tried oysters, and probably never will – not even on a specially prepared Valentine’s meal that was made in my honour – but I’ll eat everything else on that list I have just provided. I’ll eat them at anytime, not only Valentine’s Day, so why do they appear more ‘special’ on Valentine’s Day? A strawberry is still a strawberry on a Tuesday as it is on Valentine’s Day, but they seem more ‘loved up’ on Valentine’s. You don’t tend to hear of people eating apples on Valentine’s, do you? Or grapes for that matter – however grapes tend to be for ill people. You should always have apples and grapes in. The grapes for after all of the other food has been eaten, and the apples to keep the doctor away.

Whatever the reason, Valentine’s food and drink have a different feel good feel to them than they normally do, so they have to be included on my splendid list at number three.

The final item on my splendid list is very general. Everything else! The setting, the weather, the poetry, the romance, the starlit sky, the roses, the magic, the aftershaves and perfumes, the clothes, the time, the memories and expectations and possibly the most important of all – the hair. They all matter, and when everything comes together ‘just right’ with the music, food and drink (and possibly a Valentine’s card) the moment is perfect. Everything merges together and becomes one complete feeling. One good feeling. One feeling of love. And if it all came together perfectly on Valentine’s Day, that feeling of love is magnified. Coincidentally.

Everything coming together in such a way really highlights the true power of the Law of Attraction. The Law that brings to us exactly what we are feeling. Feel love and receive love!

I’m off to get some strawberries now…

Coming in Part Three… Random Valentine’s!

Monsters, Gargoyles, Dragons and Zombies!

No, I haven’t looked at my calendar and got the date wrong. And don’t worry – you haven’t slept in, and we aren’t approaching Halloween either! It is still Thursday, February 10th, 2011. Well, it is right now, anyway!

I’ve taken a little stroll around Blogland this evening, and these are some of the creatures that I have come across. Apart from the zombies that is… they’re part of my current run of posts at the moment, but I have to include them. They aren’t actually ‘real’ zombies either… they are the metaphorical ones. The real zombies tend to appear around here between Friday night and Sunday morning, but they may stay a little longer this week as it is Valentine’s Day on Monday. Zombies love Valentine’s for some reason, maybe because they are down at the same end alphabetically speaking. And ‘lurve’ is easy for a zombie to say. I’ll probably write more about zombies in a later post… they are a fascinating species, and worthy of a post all of their own.

And speaking of Valentine’s Day, it will soon be 15th February and all over for another year. Bah, Humbug! Luckily, I’m working on the day. I may, however, have a go at writing some ‘Valentine themed’ posts for over the weekend… should be fun.

So, on to my post for today.

First of all, I’ve read a brilliant story about a little Gargoyle over at Poems ‘n Stuff which I recommend you go and have a look at, if you haven’t already. It was after reading this that I realised that a lot of other bloggers are writing about creatures at the moment. Is there something in the collective consciousness that we are all tapping into? Or is this just another set of coincidental occurrences? Stranger things have happened.

Around Aquatom Mansion, we don’t really get a lot of monsters. The occasional ghost will pop in for a visit, and people can be heard screaming outside, which can be quite off-putting when you are about to tuck into a bowl of hotpot. The screams are off-putting, not the ghosts. My ghostly visitor is very friendly. She likes to play with my electrics, say “Hello” and ring a school bell on occasions. To be honest, I don’t know why these people have to scream out there – surely they’ve seen what the place looks like without the trees by now. I haven’t had the time to go and replant any trees yet, but it is looking more likely that I will have to don my dark clothing and mask and go and secretly plant them. I hope my dark clothing and mask still fit… I’ve not worn them for a few years.

Apart from the screams, it is usually very quiet around here. I believe dragons like the quiet, and with the space that the tree surgeons left when they removed all of the trees, it would be an ideal place for dragons to fly around to their heart’s content. Maybe I’ll postpone the tree-planting for a few weeks and see if any dragons move in. They shouldn’t be hard to spot, although they are quite elusive creatures. I’ll keep an eye out for any, and when I see them I’ll add a new page to this blog called “DragonWatch”, where I’ll add any photos I take of them.

I mentioned the Loch Ness Monster in one of my recent posts, and it turned up in a cooking programme I saw on TV the other day. The guy who was cooking was making some cream cake / doughnutty type things in the shape of swans for a quirky twist. He said they were swans, but they were actually mini Nessies. I know a Nessie when I see one…

So, have you seen any monsters lately? How about zombies driving cars?

Keep your eyes open. You can see some remarkable things when you really take a good look! Remarkable things make me feel good… and I lurve feeling good!

I’m sure that spot wasn’t there yesterday!

I am starting to think that I may be subject to the Sick Building Syndrome.

I always feel generally well in Aquatom Mansion, so it isn’t here. I always feel well at my parents’ house (even if I don’t actually feel well everywhere else, I always feel well there!) and I’m not in bad fettle when I’m browsing shops or people watching in the local shopping centre. In work, well, there’s a slight difference to this story.

Most of the time, I’m fine. Most of the time I’m going home, that is! When I’m there, I’m either coughing or sneezing, having itchy eyes, stomach aches, sore throats, stiff necks, ringing in my ears, twitching thumbs, headaches and now spots. I have a new spot on my arm. On the muscle on my left arm. (This may be relevant for my end of year ultimate trivia quiz I am planning for December 😉 )

It has to be from work. It can’t be from anywhere else.

It is terribly itchy, and I unconsciously itch it. I then realise what I’m doing, and check other areas on my body for further spots.

Chicken Pox is in circulation at work. I’ve had Chicken Pox years ago, when I was little, but I believe it is possible to catch it again. Anything is possible, so I’m not wrong there.

One thing I’ve learned about Chicken Pox is that when the spots appear, the infectious stage is over. I suppose it is lucky then that I haven’t come into contact with that many people recently. But how would you know that you had it if you didn’t have any spots? Is a stiff neck a symptom? Or maybe waking up feeling like a zombie? I don’t remember either of these feelings when I last had Chicken Pox, but that was about a hundred years ago.

I have a slight pull in my neck today, the complete stiffness of yesterday has gone away. I’ve actually felt well in work – no, I felt good in work (there’s something I don’t say very often!) – apart from the itchy arm, slight stiff neck, twitchy thumb and niggling headache this morning I’ve been as right as rain! And feeling good for a part of the time is better than not feeling good at all… so I’m not complaining. Really… I’m not!

Sick Building Syndrome is apparently attributed to poor ventilation and poorly maintained structures, usually in the workplace. The ventilation is usually good in work, well in the office I work in, as the windows are usually open. It is usually freezing in the office, but the ventilation is good. Yesterday, the building was subject to the forces of gale force winds outside, and some of this wind was making it’s way through the building and out of the windows in the office I work in. We couldn’t feel the wind inside, but the door to the office wouldn’t close, even though it had one of those gadgets at the top of the door to automatically close it. It just waited, slightly open, and we had to physically close it. Today, it closed as normal, but yesterday it didn’t. If I didn’t already have my stiff neck yesterday, I’d have put it down to that stealth draft, but I did so I can’t.

Then again, maybe this spot on my arm is just a coincidence. I do experience the odd coincidence from time to time so it could just be a spot. It doesn’t feel like a spot (well, not the spots I used to suffer from when I was going through senior school) but it is a spot.

Yes. I can confirm. It looks like a spot. Just a spot. But I think I can see another one close to it…

Uh oh… another coincidence! 😀