Ground Control

The stars were barely visible from the Classified Space Station due to the light from the Sun appearing over the curve of the Earth.

“That is not the Sun.” the friendly on-board computer corrected.

“What is it?” I typed.

“Ground Control terraforming.” Computer replied. “The Sun is currently behind you.”

The Wolves

They called to the pack, the hunt was on. One of their number is missing, and a silver bullet lodged into the trunk of an old oak tree is their only clue. It may be Hallowe’en, the night where spirits fly free, but tonight the spirit of this pack unites.

wHIspereD vOices

Monique always welcomed the whispered words from her Familiar, although the voice never sounded as though it was from her cat or within her head… more so over her left shoulder. But whenever she looked around, there was no body there. Keep waiting… the whispers told her… it’s nearly here.

First Signs of Change

It was the temperature that was noticed first. Then the light.

The ground was dry, and the day had been the warmest so far. Gone was the frost, the blizzards, and hopefully, the Winter.

6pm and still light.

Darkness is creeping in slowly, even so: Spring is on its way!


Day in day out
Things to do – errands to run
Without doubt
Life is like a cyclone
Running about
And out
Round and round
Toing and froing
Going and Doing
But at the centre…
Calmness and being…
It’s reflection worth seeing
Before once again taking off into flight