The gateway to dreams
Of escape…
Of faraway places…
Of mysticism and intrigue…
Magic and enchantment…
Civilisation lost
Folklore extinct
Legends long forgotten…
Yet ruins remain.
And with those ruins new stories are born.
Ancient echoes have new life.
Once found, that is: in the land that no one remembers.

9 thoughts

  1. So TL….How long does it take you to create the pix you use? Quite unique and well done….BTW, I bet you the mansion remembers that place! Will it reveal what it knows? Have a good one….Take care…VK

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    1. Not long to create, VK, this one was part prepared from an earlier post anyway, so this took less time.
      As for the Mansion, well, it knows a lot more than it lets on, I’m sure.
      I’ve added some further images of this place over on Splodge and Splatter… hope you’ve had a good weekend.

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