Beyond the Sphere

Ivy Giles’ Animals

A nonsense rhyme for Wednesday:

Ivy Giles is the farmer’s wife
Or was, as the case may be
For when she was in her human life
It was Seventeen Sixty-Three

Patience, her faithful dog
Had a loud and ferocious bark
And Silas, her trusty mog
Had an aversion to the dark

She had a pig named Primrose Blue
Who didn’t like the cat
He wasn’t keen on Patience too,
And sadly that was that

The pig would chase the cat and hound
All across the fields
So Ivy took the pig to town
To the traders and their deals

With the coins she bought a cow
And named her Henrietta
But by her farm she heard a row
As she was greeted by her setter

The dog didn’t like the cow you see
And she chased her down the lane
Ivy Giles laughed inwardly
And thought “Here we go again…”