Charlie at Doodlewash erm, sorry about that, Charlie at Doodlewash has started a new adventure for June, and once again I’m trying to join in. This time, he’s invited us to go on a nature hike and watercolour what we see as we amble along. You may be surprised to learn that the image above is not a photograph. I know that I could blow you down with a feather, but it’s true. It’s one of my watercolours once again. (Well, it’s actually a photograph of the watercolour, but that’s just splitting brush hairs)

I really must buy myself some proper stuff. This time, I’ve used different paints to the last few images I sploshed together, still el-cheapo ones as I’m still practicing (and I know I need lots of that!), but I’ve used slightly more expensive brushes and a palette to mix the colours – last time I just used the lid on the tin the paints came in.

As the paints were el-cheapo, they didn’t mix very well – the white paint, when I tried to squeeze it out of the tube, splurted about a gallon of water out before any paint emerged, and I had the break the black paint off. Still, it’s all practice. The other unfortunate thing with these paints is that when they dried, they dried faded, as if the painting had been left out in the sun for far too long. I got around that problem by going over the colours again, and then taking the photograph while the paint was still wet, just to make the colours stand out. Still, never mind – it’s the journey that’s important and not the destination.

Below is the photo that the painting is actually based on:

I’m starting to pick flaws in how I paint, I want to have a more loose, free-flowing style, rather than the thick solid look I currently have, plus I’d love for the colours to be and remain vibrant, rather than being as dull as dishwater.

Hopefully, by July, I’ll be more professional looking. I’ve just seen a pig with wings – maybe I should paint it…

July? Why July, I hear you ask… well, let me tell you. Charlie has arranged with the powers-that-be that July should be WORLD WATERCOLOUR MONTH. Not should be… it actually is! The powers-that-be have agreed; meaning that from this year onwards July is World Watercolour Month. Charlie is asking for the message to be passed on to encourage people from anywhere in the world to pick up their paintbrushes and watercolour like never before for the month of July. Obviously, if the person so wishes, they can continue painting after July, or even start before. I urge you to click here to find out more, and also read about the charity that is also being supported. Charlie wants to spread a little fun around the world, and this is an excellent way of doing just that.

Even with el-cheapo paints and a watercolour skill such as mine. Things can only get better.

It took me an age and a half to do the ladybird, so I may not be able to complete 31 watercolours throughout July, but I shall do what I can. And have fun doing it, regardless of the result!!!

World Watercolor Month July 2016 Primary Logo


  1. Great beetle TL…Looks for all the world like the real thing…Very odd beetle I must say. If it had been just the head and the orange body okay, but that third section in between that has the white? What do you suppose that is for? Must be GPS….. VK 🙂

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  2. Aaah a candidate for the ugly bug ball!!! 🙂

    Good job Tom – when you feel a little more adventurous try acrylics! 🙂

    The colour stays fixed for longer, the brushes clean in water, but do it right away – once dry it’s impossible to clean your brushes!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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    1. I shall bear that in mind. I have a set of oil paints, Prenin, as I wanted to do an oil on canvas painting of Nefertiti’s Wedding (starting off small, you see!), but the oils are by the same maker as these watercolours, so I may begin with a banana or something, just to test their quality!

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  3. Love it! And World Watercolour Month is such a great idea! I’d love to participate, but I have ZERO talent in watercolour. I’ve tried many times and all I get is a muddy mess. Still, that doesn’t prevent me from wanting to try again, even though I’m terribly intimidated by all your Doodlewash talent. Who knows, maybe I’ll break out the brushes again in July just because… 🙂

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    1. As Charlie said to me, Diane, ‘Do It! Do It! DO IT!” I’m just liking the fact I’m creating something physical for a change (no matter what mess it actually is!) I doubt I’ll be able to watercolour for the whole month of July, but I’m sure I could muster up a couple of masterpieces. And so, I feel, can you! 😀


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