I was meandering around The Grinds yesterday, when from under the Rockery this chap or chappess appeared. Eager to be photographed (he or she must have known I carried my mobile phone with me!) the cute little critter bobbed in and out of the little hideaway, posing long enough for me to take two quick snaps. And then he/she was gone. Hightailed – erm – lowtailed it out of there as fast as his or her legs would go.    

It’s the little things we need to look out for as well as the big… there’s always a surprise!


    1. I thought it was a hamster, but you could be right with a guinea pig (for some reason I thought they were black and white with long fur, but I could be thinking of something else!) I don’t see it as discarded… I see it as free. And you know these Grinds… home to anything and everything, large and small.

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        1. They’re safe in the Grinds, VK. Trust me. Don’t worry about them. (And the post is tagged ‘Surreal Reality’ which as you know usually refers to Mansion-world stuff, so all may not be as it seems!) But really, they are well looked after.

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