Through pathways darkened after the setting of the Sun, they carefully padded along. Always safe within their lairs, the outside always brought with it a risk. Would they be seen? Would they be hunted?

They themselves were hunters. They much preferred this than being hunted. They stayed in packs, until the time of the hunt was upon them, and then it was each to their own. They shared their prey once captured, but it’s always better to have more to go around, and it is always better to hunt individually. No chance they’d get into each other’s way.

Prey spotted the group began to separate.

Human. Quite podgy. They weren’t fussy. They needed to feed.

The large wolf smelt the air in anticipation. The human didn’t know they were there.

Well, this human didn’t. 

Fortunately, the scout spotted the second human, and howled a warning. A warning that meant ‘gun’. Previously being human themselves, these wolves knew the dangers associated with these things.

Especially on nights like tonight; nights when the Moon is Full.


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