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Concentrate on the good

Well, this is it. My last Sunday before going back to work. My last day of my week’s holiday. And what a fabulous week it has been. I’ve had a couple of great days out, tidied up my flat, had a new boiler fitted and had a haircut.

I’ve seen one of the houses that I want to buy on one of my days out, and to buy the house I need to earn some money! Well, ‘earn’ in the general sense of the word! I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery, or premium bonds, or being the ten millionth customer in a shop and winning the odd million or two. I wouldn’t mind starting to write the book that I’ve been planning to do for a while, and see it become an international best seller! I also wouldn’t mind having a job that pays more than I currently earn, and also provides more time off for myself! I wrote about my job in my recent “In my ideal world” post, and if I continue to believe in that future it will come to me. I know what it is that I want, I just have to take the steps to get it.

Now, that does not mean I have to ignore what I currently do. I must continue to do my best, which I do all of the time. I must continue to focus on the aspects that are positive to me, to make them occur more and more, and the not so positive aspects will eventually disperse. I must continue with my swimming, to get my body in a more healthy shape – and it is starting to take a great shape now, even if I do say so myself. I must continue to keep myself happy and in high spirits, so the feelings that I experience about having to go to work never come back. I must continue to enjoy everything that comes my way – regardless of what it is, as I will learn something from every event.

Nothing in what I have to do is difficult. I must believe not only in my future, but also in myself. I have the ability to bring the future that I want to me. I have the ability to receive my future as a wonderful gift from the universe. I have the ability to be grateful for every event in my life. That gratitude will bring more things to make me happy. The happier I am, the more things will be going my way, and the more things that are going my way means that I am on the correct path to the future that I am requesting.

Everything comes full circle. And the circle begins and ends with me. As within so without, as above so below.

I’m enjoying myself right now, right at this moment. If I continue to enjoy myself at exactly this present moment as time moves forward, nothing ‘out there’ will give me reason not to enjoy it. So, I’ll enjoy my current job as I know my new job is on it’s way to me. I’ll enjoy my body as it is now, as I know I am taking steps at the present moment to obtain my fit, toned and great looking body. I’ll enjoy the money I have right now, as I know I will be receiving all the money I need and more so at the right time. I’ll enjoy the times that I have nothing to do as I know I will be doing something in due course. I’ll enjoy receiving ideas for the international best seller that I know I am going to write soon.

I’ll enjoy being me, all of the time. And I know I can do that, as I’m doing it already!

The world inside the box

Hold out your hands.

Imagine a box, a box small enough to fit in your hands.

Imagine this box in your hands.

What shape is it? What colour is it? Is it heavy?

Open the box slowly, and look inside.

Inside the box, there is a door. An open door inside the now open box. The doorway leads to a staircase. Can you see the staircase yet? You can go through the door to look for it, if you like. The staircase is just through the door. You may have to look to the left or to the right, or it may be in front of you. It is there somewhere. Can you see it yet? It’s a spiral staircase, that climbs up into… what does it climb into? Is it a loft? Another room? Another floor? You’ll have to climb the spiral staircase to see.

Don’t worry – it’s all perfectly safe – remember, you’re holding the box in your hands, so you know it’s safe. If at any time you don’t feel comfortable, just go back through the door and out of the box.

You are at the top of the staircase now. Thinking outside of the box has enabled you to rise to the top without even trying! At the top of these stairs is a garden. A lush green, with many different types of plants and flowers around the edges, and beyond them are the tallest trees. There’s a couple of other ‘flowers’ too… a stream and a water feature. Can you hear the water trickling yet? You may need to go closer to one of them to hear it. Is the stream a gentle flowing one, or a babbling brook? Is the water feature a fountain, or a statue pouring water? Is the water clear? It is… the water is crystal clear. The clearest ‘clear’ you have ever seen, and then some.

Up above your head is a butterfly. Can you see the many colours on it’s wings? Can you hear the gentle fluttering of it’s wings? Apart from the sound of the water, this is the only other sound you can hear. The butterfly is beckoning you to follow it. It wants to show you something. Follow the butterfly to an archway which is on one of the sides of the garden. The archway leads to a room. An empty room. A completely white empty room. The butterfly flies to a corner, just inside the room. Follow it in to the room, and you’ll find a harp. Play the harp. You know how to. You can play the most wondrous music from this harp. Try it and see. Listen to the creative sounds you are producing from this magical instrument. Remember the tune you are playing. This music will relax and invigorate you at the same time. This is the music of how you are feeling right now. Not the right now in the real world, but the right now in this imagined world. You’ve enjoyed playing the harp. You can always come back again at a later time for another go. Or perhaps, you may be led into another room, by another butterfly, and find a different instrument. Or find something completely different. Something else that you have always wanted to try.

When you walk out of the room, you will be once again outside of your box. Back to the real world. Only now, you have a little more creativity within you. A little more music. A little more magic.

Does it feel good?

It’s a Smallville World!

Well, hair’s er… here’s something I have been intending to write about since starting this blog… Smallville! I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I enjoy watching this show, I like super-hero stuff, I like good stories, and I like things that make me think. Smallville pushes every button and ticks every box, in my opinion. It has moved with the times, yet kept the original ideas of the early days of Superman and his supporting characters. It is now showing in it’s ninth series (or season) in the UK, and the tenth series is the last one, apparently. I think I have seen every episode, but there may be one or two that I have missed. I have just watched the first series again, and there are some episodes there that I don’t remember seeing – although I am sure that I must have. The old memory ain’t what it was… I’ll have to find some meteor rock infused elixir which will boost my powers of recall. I’ll do that later, if I remember – I’ll get back to typing first.

I’m not going to write about my favourite episodes in this post, because there’s too many of them, and I’m a third of the way through already. But, I thought I would post a few words about my favourite characters from the series. There’s actually quite a lot of them too, so maybe I’ll just write about some of them this time around.

And the first has got to be the main man himself. Superboy / Clark Kent / Tom Welling. To start off with, he actually looks like Superboy – well, how I think he should look anyway. The way he played Clark in the early episodes, especially when he discovered a new ability was a pleasure to watch – and sometimes quite comical too. You could feel his embarrassment when his heat vision ability first appeared. And now, in the later episodes he is playing Clark working at the Daily Planet – in Superman times. So the boy has become a man so to speak.

Chloe Sullivan / Allison Mack. In the beginning, she was the girl who loved Clark but he was blissfully unaware. Eventually she was the girl who found out his secret, and covered for him on numerous occasions, until telling him that she knew. She has stood by Clark through some very trying times. She is definitely the kind of friend that I would love to have.

Jonathan and Martha Kent / John Schneider and Annette O’Toole. Clark’s adoptive parents, they found him shortly after his spaceship crashed in a field, in the middle of a meteor shower. They helped him to grow and develop his abilities, and found themselves caught up in some quite unusual situations, as others tried to find out the secret about Clark.

Green Arrow / Oliver Queen / Justin Hartley. Oliver wasn’t in the first few series of Smallville, but is now a great addition to the cast of characters. As well as being the inspiration for my haircut (…), he also looks good in his green leathers. I wasn’t too keen when he was going through his down in the dumps stage, but that was part of the Green Arrow history, and was well played. I think he is more positive now, but I’ve still got some more episodes to watch!

Lois Lane / Erica Durance. Erica plays Lois to perfection! I find some of the Lois storylines to be filled with humour as Lois gets herself embroiled in some kind of sinister plot time and time again. She’s also a battler, and gives her adversaries a run for their money, but she also shows her naive side when with Clark and talking to ‘The Blur’. She is 100% fun to watch!

So six characters briefly mentioned. More characters to be mentioned in my next ‘It’s a Smallville World’ post*. (*Not necessarily my next post). So, for now… TO BE CONTINUED…


Well, I always say you get exactly what you ask for.

I wanted a haircut this morning, so decided on something slightly different for me. Something like this, maybe a little shorter at the sides and on top:

I toddled off to the barber’s shop, and, when it was my turn, asked for my hair to be short at the back and the sides, and slightly longer on top and at the front. “Did I want the side parting?” I was asked, and maybe this was my mistake. “No thank you” I answered. And my hair was cut. It looks like this:

Only not as tall on top. 😦 Note to self: Next time either take a photo with me, or go somewhere else! Oh, by the way, Justin Hartley does not look like a pineapple. The pineapple reference is intended for me. Just wanted to make that clear! Now, I’ve got to do something with my hair…

Control Your Destiny

Is it easy to control your own destiny? How difficult is it to decide what you want, and go for it? What blocks would there be to stop anyone from achieving the life they have always dreamed about? Is it selfish to want to succeed? What would be your ultimate goal?

To some, their success seems to come easy. They have an inspirational idea and go with it. Or they appear on Big Brother and then become a successful TV presenter. Or they become so good at what they do, they earn promotion after promotion. They know what they want, and go for it.

Others just watch these people making a success of their lives, and rather than being happy for them, they are resentful and jealous. They call them for their success. They look for the tiniest flaw, and make it seem the worst thing to happen since time began. They are so wrapped up in trying to find fault in other people’s lives, they forget about their own.

And there are others, who know what they want, go for it, get it, lose it, get something else, lose that and keep repeating this cycle over and over again. But they never give up, and keep trying.

And there’s another type. Those who can’t be bothered. Those who aren’t jealous of other folk’s successes, but tend to drift through their life aimlessly and without reason, except to get through each day.

And another type – the idle dreamer. Those who have ideas about how things would be better with ‘this’, or have grand ideas for a fantastic future, but do absolutely nothing to help themselves achieve their goal.

Whatever type of person someone is, each and every one of us has control of our own destiny. Well, that’s what I think, anyway. We can decide if we want to be happy, if we want to complain, if we want to keep trying, if we want  to put ourselves out a little, if we want to make our daydreams reality. Nobody can make us think any differently about anything, apart from ourselves.

So, if we want to be successful, what is stopping us? It’s not the red traffic light. Or the lack of ideas. Or someone who doesn’t like us and wants us to fail. Or the boss holding us back. Or the kids holding us back. Or the husband / wife holding us back. Or the dog holding us back. Or the weather. Or the distance. Or the colour. It’s not even how clever we are… or think we are. It is our own limiting thoughts that stop us.

We help or hinder our own future. Therefore, we control our own destiny. Or not. Either way, we’re making the decisions. Ooh, a paradox.

One of my favourite quotes is “If there is no light at the end of the tunnel, march down there and switch it on yourself!” 🙂