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Normal Monday

What a boring title!

I’m in a ‘say it as it is’ mood today. I said it as it was in my statement for work for the recent kerfuffle, so I don’t know if that will help or hinder things. Only time will tell with that one…

The weather is back to normal. Well warmer than it has been, and warmer than it should be, but the middle ground could be classed as normal, so I’ll go with that. We’re due the cold again by the end of the week. So by then, that will be classed as normal. I’ll go with the normal theme now then.

The traffic – busy as normal.

The traffic lights – red as normal.

The alarm waking me up – 6am as normal.

Work – normal. Although I did… no I didn’t. It was normal.

When you think about it though, normal is quite good. OK, nothing exciting happens, but nothing dull happens either. Everything just is, and when everything just ‘is’, everything’s fine.

So why am I writing about it as though it isn’t fine?

It is, after all, a normal Monday. I have to do the usual Monday things. I haven’t done anything differently today that I did last Monday – last week in fact. Maybe that is the message that is coming through to me… I need to find something different to do!

The first thing I need to do is look for some kind of inspiration. I’m going to open my mind, and see if any new ideas come to me over night tonight. I was going to have an early night, but I almost forgot about the Geminids! Hopefully, I’ll see a spectacular display tonight, and the shooting stars will provide me with a flash of inspiration or two! If anything can help me, it will be the Universe!

That will make my Monday a little less ‘normal’. Of course, I’m still grateful for my normal Monday, and I shouldn’t really complain.




Well, it’s getting close to Christmas, and I’ve already mentioned it in a couple of my posts recently, so here is my first official Christmas post! I know it is only the twelfth of December, but for years I thought this was the first day in the carol ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’, so it’s a good a day to start as any! As it happens, the twelve days start on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, depending on location apparently.

I’ve been shopping again today, the local supermarket was busy as usual, and the girl who was working on the checkout said that she thought Sundays should be the day of rest, but everyone seemed to be doing their shopping today. If she wasn’t working, she said, she would be having a nice relaxing lie in. I advised her I had intended to that myself, but had to get up to go shopping! Father Christmas was outside the shop on the back of a trailer in the car park. It wasn’t the real Father Christmas as I suppose he is getting ready for his busy night, but this one was quite a good resemblance. He was waving at the children who were being taken into and out of the store, and they seemed to like him. Christmas music was blaring from loud speakers that were also on the trailer, and some people in yellow tee shirts were mulling around rattling buckets to collect anyone’s spare change.

Christmas music was also being played inside the store, although not as loud. The atmosphere was very pleasant, and some of the other customers were singing along to the carols. I didn’t sing, but I danced internally. One man didn’t know the words, but seemed to know the first two words to each line, so he sung these and hummed the rest. That was quite amusing.

A few weeks ago, around the 15th November, a young boy called around to my parent’s house. My Mum answered the door, and he said “I’m going away for Christmas, but I need some money… is it OK if I do your carol singing now?” My Mum politely asked that he came back a little nearer to the time, as you don’t really get the full effect of Christmas carols in November. I think he said he’d return the next day, but I’m not sure if he did or not…

I mentioned in my post yesterday the carol ‘I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In’, which is one of my favourites, and it invokes some really vivid images in my mind. Another of my favourites is ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, and I get equally vivid images with this song, but not of galleons or anything like that! The drummer boy in my imagination is wearing the red coat uniform I also mentioned yesterday, but the song was written much later than the uniform was introduced. One thing I remember about this is an old Christmas Tree decoration, which was a drummer boy, wearing the old military uniform. Maybe this is why I have mixed these two together.

Drummers are also mentioned in ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’, they were the gift on the twelfth day – or one of the gifts, I was always confused by the twelfth day as to whether my true love had sent me just the twelve drummers drumming, or the twelve drummers drumming along with everything else (again) that they had already sent to me previously… but it’s a nice song, and a nice thought. Although I don’t personally know what I would do if someone sent me twelve drummers drumming, etcetera!

Moving away from Christmas carols, but staying with Christmas music, my all time favourite song that I love to hear at Christmastime is ‘Fairytale of New York’, by The Pogues and Kirsty MacCol. It’s a bit dark, but it makes me think whenever I hear it. And I love thinking, I do!

1642, Galleons and Galileo

During my conversation with my Mum the other day about past lives, I mentioned that I occasionally get an image in my mind of an old galleon either coming in to port, or sailing away. It’s a strange thing to randomly think of, as I don’t live near to a port and I don’t think there are that many galleons left in the world – although I could be wrong. I also get the feeling of the year 1642.

Ever since I was little I’d have this image in my mind – not all the time – and it is all the more vivid whenever I hear the Christmas Carol ‘I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In’. I’ve just done a quick search on the internet for a little bit of information for this carol, and one site I visited says the words to it were originally published in 1666. The image I see is usually of one ship, not three, but whenever I hear the carol ‘my’ ship is there with another two, in my mind’s eye.

The galleon itself is huge, with vast white sails, and it quietly and effortlessly glides through the water. The woodwork is a deep brown in colour, and there are many windows on each deck. I don’t see any people on board, and I’m watching it from the land – I’m never on board it myself. With my Christmas image, the other two ships are considerably smaller, and both are very white, so my ship really stands out between them.

I’m not saying that I was around in 1642 or anything like that, I could have seen something when I was very little and the thought has just stuck with me throughout the years, but with me thinking about reincarnation it is just as possible that I was there (wherever there was!) and this is a memory from another time. I find the mind absolutely fascinating!

While I was looking for the information for the carol, I also did a quick search for the year 1642, and I found that:

Galileo Galilei, the Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher died this year. His daughter, Virginia Gamba, had been placed into a convent (back in 1613), and changed her name to Maria Celeste (after the Virgin Mary and Galileo’s love of astronomy). I’m not sure if this has anything to do with Maria or just a similar name, but a couple of hundred years later (well, 4th December 1872 to be exact), a ship called the Mary Celeste was found sailing towards Gibraltar, in sea worthy condition, only without a crew who were never seen again. Their disappearance is probably the greatest maritime mystery of all time.

Other events back in 1642 include the start of the first English Civil War, with conflicts between Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, and the birth of Isaac Newton on Christmas Day. The red coat of the British Army was adopted around this time (in 1645) – I’ve added that because I have some strange feelings whenever I see pictures of these uniforms (but again this must be my imagination!)

This delving back in time is certainly very interesting, and I never had the thought that Isaac Newton would be younger than Oliver Cromwell, or that Oliver Cromwell was alive at the same time as Galileo. I love learning new things!

I’m back in the present now. In the here and now. And I feel good!

Past lives

I was talking yesterday with my Mum about everyday things such as reincarnation and past lives, as you do. We usually talk about the weather, or the special offers that are on at the local supermarket, and I think it was during one of these chats that this topic came up.

We were also discussing the concept of time, and how we are only aware of the passing of time because someone told us about it long ago. Cats, on the other hand, haven’t been told about the passing of time, so to them, everything is simply now. My Mum has a little cat friend who visits her every day, and she will wait, patiently in the garden, come rain or shine, until she gets the chance to say a little “Wewwo”  – that’s the cat waiting and saying it, not my Mum. My Mum says “Hello” when she sees the cat. It’s the cat that says “Wewwo” – she really does! Gorgeous little thing she is too!

Anyway, cats will wait and wait and wait, not moving until they want to. They aren’t bothered about the time. They aren’t bothered about the weather. They are only bothered about themselves. What they did a second ago has been done and it is done. What they are doing now is what they are doing. And they aren’t bothered about what they are going to do, but they will do something. I think it’s a great life, that of a cat.

You may wonder what on earth I am going on about. This post is entitled “Past lives” and I’m waffling on about cats’ lives. All will be revealed!

I’ve just read a post on Babblesbybex’s blog that put me in mind of the conversation I had with my Mum yesterday. I love coincidences, I really do! We were talking about how often we can see a complete stranger and yet feel like we know them. Not in a sense of knowing them by sight, but in a sense of ‘really’ knowing them. I’ve experienced it quite a few times. Bex has experienced it. My Mum has. And so must countless of other people too. But how can this happen? How can we ‘know’ someone we have ‘never met’?

I have a theory about this. Those in the scientific community will probably roll their eyes at my theory, but roll away! I like my theory. Before I mention it though (and I’m not deliberately dragging things out for dramatic effect!) I’d like to recount one of my examples of this personal déjà vu phenomenon.

I was at a motor cycle racing event at one of the race tracks in the UK, I don’t remember the one unfortunately but names tend to blur into one when you are surrounded by thousands of people in racing leathers! I was walking past a stall in one of the market places that was selling power tools. A proper man’s stall, with nail guns, drills and stapler thingies. I was browsing the stall to pass a little time when I met one of the salesmen. We recognised each other instantly, but we had never met. He asked if he knew me and where I was from – we had never been to each other’s home town and I wouldn’t normally be walking around a power tool stall, so the chances of us ever knowing each other would be practically zero. Yet, we both had the feeling that we did. We both had that intense feeling of familiarity.

Now, on to my theory. This is where past lives come in. And also a little bit of confusion as the theory is in two parts, but bear with me. I think that these familiar feelings of us knowing someone come from the fact that we have known them in a past or future life. I think that as one life ends, we eventually are born again into a new life either before or after (in time) the previous one. Now, if we can be born at any time, there is nothing stopping our ‘life-times’ overlapping, and when they overlap there is a chance that our two lives may meet up. Obviously, we will be two different people (it would be a bit freaky if we met ourselves! To see how freaky watch the movie Big Business!), but there is something that is connected between the two ‘existences’ that sparks of the familiar feelings. The second part of this theory is that we meet other people who we met in our previous incarnation, and in this case the feelings of recognition are there, but not the intense feelings of knowing that person.

Go on – roll your eyes! I like my theory – it’s nice and comfortable for me!

Oh, and as for the cat part, I mentioned that to highlight the concept of time. We think that time moves only forward because that is how we perceive it. If we can live like a cat and think that everything is happening now, then it makes my theory easier to take in. Well, it does to me, anyway.

I think it’s time for a little cat nap now! I’m purring with how good I’m feeling! 😀

Meteors, Eclipses and Asteroid Showers!


First we had the snow. Then the rain. Then the fog. Then the snow in the fog. And then, last night, a meteor exploded above the UK, causing people from all over the country to witness it.

Apart from me.

Apparently, it appeared at around 17.40 on Wednesday evening. At that time I was just getting myself warm, and tucking into some delicious food – and when I’m feeding that tends to be my only priority. I do love food!

It isn’t the first time I have missed an astronomical phenomenon. A few months ago, I was looking out to see if I could catch a glimpse of the Perseids Meteor Shower, where hundreds of shooting stars can be witnessed by the naked eye. I saw one.  OK, this doesn’t exactly fit in the “missing an astronomical phenomenon” statement, but I would have loved to have seen a lot more than one. Not that I’m ungrateful that I saw one, I hasten to add – that was just as magical an experience as seeing many, in fact even more so as I could have missed that completely if I was a couple of seconds earlier or later. Right place, right time and all that jazz!

On 11th August 1999 I was treated to the Total Solar Eclipse. I was working in Birmingham at the time, but I took my break to coincide with it, and went outside. Hundreds of other people went outside at the same time, and we all watched the eclipse. I went back late from my break – very late in fact – but nothing was said. Well, how often do we get the chance to observe a total eclipse? I was very lucky in the fact that just outside of the office where I worked there was a bus shelter, which had tinted glass. I positioned myself so I could see the sun through the glass. It was a little cloudy, but I could make out the outline of the sun. And the darkness from the shadow was eerie. Spectacular but eerie. I’d love to observe another Total Solar Eclipse!

My brother saw last night’s meteor. He said that he didn’t think it was a meteor though, he thought it was a firework because it was green. I told him he must have seen a firework, as meteors aren’t green, and I laughed incredulously at him when I said it. In my mind, meteors are red, yellow and orange and rumbling and dramatic. Not green. I’ve had a look at the news sites before typing this post, and it was green. Hmph! I was wrong again. At least I’ve learned something new!

That has actually got me thinking about the strange thing I saw many years ago that was red and quickly dropped to Earth. One of my friends saw it too – we were in separate places – and he was quite frightened by it, but I thought at the time it was a meteor so I wasn’t afraid. Now that I know that meteors are green I don’t know what it was that I saw… it wasn’t mentioned in any news broadcast or newspaper, and nobody mentioned it since… no, I still don’t feel afraid. I saw a red meteor. A rare red meteor.

And, I have two other astronomical events to look forward to this month! Firstly, we are being treated to the Geminid Meteor Shower just after midnight on 14th December, so this will give me another opportunity to see more than one Shooting Star, and then, on December 21st we have a Total Eclipse of the Moon, which may prove a little difficult to see due to the timing, but still, the magickal and mystical effects of this phenomenon will be remarkable in themselves!

I’d go so far as to say get some really good Cosmic Orders ready, and send them to the Cosmos on December 21st! Which, by the way is also Solstice Day.

When the Universe is giving signs like this, they shouldn’t really be ignored, should they? Or maybe everything is just a coincidence? Even if you do not believe in the power of Cosmic Ordering, our creatively conscious side of the Law of Attraction, why not give it a go anyway? You’ve nothing to lose if it doesn’t work for you, and everything you can ever dream of to gain if it does!

The Universe is amazing. You don’t really need me to tell you that, though… just look at the spectacular displays it offers to us every day. I’m grateful for all of these astronomical events. Even the ones I miss! There will be another similar one along in no time at all, so I haven’t really missed out!

And that helps me to continue to feel good!