Take a sinister clown.

Any sinister clown will do.

Tweak the image somewhat, if needed (or bearable).

Add some sinister text.

And then have a good night’s sleep.

There’s a random craze sweeping the world at the moment of some odd people dressing as clowns and just standing there, trying to intimidate people for some reason. Real clowns are up in arms about it as their reputation is in tatters. I never liked clowns. I like them even less now. I’d love to dip into my little book of curses, but curses! None of the curses cover clowns. Ah well… at least the clowns around here are being arrested, which is a good thing! Hehehe.


  1. It’s made its way here too. Except they’e not just standing, they are actively terrifying young kids and others. A couple of young girls were almost robbed in the CBD walking mall. They managed to run into McDonalds and hide. I guess McD is good for something after all. Crazy!!!

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  2. Ahahahaha..the clowns. I never really NOT liked them ..neither was I afraid of them. It IS weird through about those clowns terrifying people instead of clowning around. What makes it more sad is that the world, “they say”, reflects the di-ease of humanity..and ourselves.
    Hmm..does that make me a sinister clown? lol.

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