I was recently introduced to a new form of poem called a clerical –nope – clarion – not that – cladogram – nah – clavicorn – claptrap – ah, a clerihew! A whimsical four-line biograph where the first line features the subject’s name. I wanted to do something slightly different with this form, and tell a tale featuring some of my characters. Raven is cropping up a little too often this year, and it’s always good to pop in to see how Enid and Carmichael and Lady Salinger-Wallis are doing, even if in passing. The lines are meant to be uneven in length. Here follows the tale where all of these characters met…

Raven is not quite a bad man
And nor is he truly a madman
But walking up the street
He isn’t the kind you’d want to meet

Enid and Carmichael are fair folk
That fair to say is no joke
But often they find themselves in
Odd situations (just a smidgen)

Lady Gertrude Salinger-Wallis
Mistress of dusting and polish
Found Carmichael standing frozen upright
And Raven ready to bite

Lady Gertrude Salinger-Wallis
Defender of hapless and hopeless
Made Raven wave his white flag
With an object from her handbag

Bet Siren looked on and laughed
As Raven ran fleeing passed
And Carmichael profusely thanked
Lady Salinger-Wallis by shaking her hand


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