There was an old siren called Bet
Who transfixed everybody she met
Until one fateful day
When fate crossed her way
And she became Raven’s new pet

Now Raven she tried to transfix
But sometimes some things just don’t mix
Her hypnotic powers
Were useless for hours
And Bet found herself in a fix

Though Raven was in a good mood
He was going to be nobody’s food
So he hypnotised Bet
Whom he’d only just met
And she thought it frightfully rude

Under Raven’s hypnotic spell
Bet could do nothing but dwell
She didn’t feel the groove
As she couldn’t make a move
She was a siren who’d lost her own yell


  1. Oh my goodness…What have you got going on down there in the basement catacombs of the mansion TL? Have you been spending time down there with Raven and Bet? Getting pumped up for Halloween huh? Take that Cell PH with you 🙂 VK

    Liked by 1 person

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