Deep Blue Nothing

Soaring freely upon the wind
Contemplating many things
Marvelling at what’s just ahead
Peace and happiness, it must be said
Deep blue nothing – open space to fill
That’s my future
That’s my will

Freedom Filler

I’m still elsewhere at the moment, but, as I have a target of 2,000 posts to reach by New Year’s Eve, today’s post must go ahead. It’s one of a photograph… well, part of one, anyway. The subjects very kindly posed for me on their way passed – and I didn’t even need to ask them to! Such remarkable creatures! They display the idea of freedom perfectly, I feel.

Hopefully I shall be back in the ‘proper’ dimension sometime soon… where I’ll be able to catch up with my blog reading and commenting as well!

Wordle: All is one

Atoms. Cosmic energy. The Universe.
A continuing cycle of existence.
Onward ever onward the journey goes
From the moment we were born
To the moment we move on
We come from and return to that source.
Along the way, it is worthy to be still at times.
To tell the Universe just what we want…
Ask for the help we need… to show thanks…
And then stand in line and look beyond the sky
The sea, the rocks and the stones,
And just know, and feel, that all is one.

Cracked it!

Well, that took longer than I thought it would.

In my post earlier, I explained how I accidentally created a crack in the sky that was seemingly visible all around the globe. I’m pleased to announce that the crack has finally been closed, and things are back to how they were before.

As you can see in the above picture, taken in the same place from the Grinds as earlier, the crack is no more. I’ve just remembered to take this photo, hence it being a little dark.

Before I managed to resolve the issue at hand, I prepared myself so I could pull some hair out if needed:

That wasn’t necessary, however, as I suddenly had a Eureka! moment. I remembered a gift I was given many years ago, which I was told would come in handy should I ever need to use it. It could only be used once, however, and only in a time of great need.

If today wasn’t a time of great need, I couldn’t hazard a guess as to when would be. How opportune that I should have had that lying around, forgotten about for all these years.

Anything and everything could have slipped through that crack, in or out, so time was most definitely of the essence.

And essence… well, that leads me onto the next part!

Seconds after causing the greatest split in the existence of everything, I ran down to the Vestibule and flung open the doors of the little wooden cupboard that’s in there. And on the bottom shelf, in a locked wooden box with the key on top, was my gifted gizmo. An ancient Egyptian tablet with mystical and magical qualities.

Legend has it that once anointed with Essence of the Kings and Queens of the Elders, the tablet would spring into its magical life and resolve the pressing issue that the holder is focusing on most. Luckily for me, I didn’t need to remember this legend, as it was written on a small card inside the box with the tablet.

I removed the tablet, which was extremely cold… and extremely heavy. Far heavier than the box was with it in it, which I didn’t even notice at the time.

The tablet was a mix of metal and stone, with figures etched into it. The picture over to the right is actually a glasses case, but the tablet was of a similar size, although less rounded, with remarkably similar inscriptions.

Now I had the tool needed to do the job, and the instructions to do it, all I needed to do now was the job itself. Then I suddenly remembered the ‘essence of the Kings and Queens of the Elders’ part. Where on earth was I going to get this essence from?

I contemplated trying to create one in the Laboratory, but then thought again. I wouldn’t even know where to start creating an essence of an ancient king and queen.

I sat in the Living Room and pondered. And pondered. And pondered. I focused on the issue at hand, and I noticed the amulet start to get warm in my hands. I then remembered the ‘can only be used once’ part, so stopped pondering instantly. I didn’t want the amulet to help me to get the essence and that be that… I needed the amulet to close down the bloomin’ crack.

Then a thought struck me once again. Ingenious! I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before then, but then realised that somehow, the amulet was talking to me – helping me!

I ran to the Kitchen, and in the cupboard under the sink was a can of air-freshener. Egyptian Mystique air-freshener.

I ran back to the Living Room, and sprayed the contents of the can into my hands, and rubbed this into the amulet, whilst concentrating on closing the crack.

The amulet started to get warm, then glow, then pulsate.

I chanted in my mind, “Close the crack. Clear the crack. Close the crack and send it back!” over and over. I blocked every other thought out of my mind, and sat there thinking with all my might.

The amulet stopped doing its thing. I looked at it, and noticed it was now merely a lump of decorated rock – useful for a doorstop, I thought.

I suddenly remembered the crack. I ran outside the Mansion, to find this:

That’s the corner of one of the Turret’s rooftops there, I know it isn’t clear, but I quickly snapped the picture. The sky had turned gold. Well, yellow actually, but gold sounds better. There wasn’t a cloud in sight. And also, it was eerily quiet. No noise whatsoever. I tried to speak – and my words came out silent as well. Most odd.

Now I started to panic a little. I thought I’d destroyed the world, all by trying to fix a small crack on a tile in the Bathroom. I’m used to things not working out exactly as planned whenever I do DIY, but never imagined anything like this happening.

Feeling very dejected, I went back into the Mansion, and sat in the Living Room and just stared at the wall. I think I was there for an hour – maybe two – when I realised that nothing catastrophic seemed to be happening. I went outside again, and, to my relief, things were more back to normal. Where the crack had been earlier, there was now a rainbow. And the yellow sky had gone.


I danced a little jig, out there in the Grinds. Sinister Bunny hopped over, and took one look at my dancing and darted away at breakneck speeds – I’ve never seen a rabbit run like that before.

I felt very good about myself. Single-handed, I’d managed to save the entire Universe – if not all of existence – in one Saturday afternoon. I thought I’d take a smug Selfie of myself to celebrate, and dashed to the Bathroom to take it… the light’s better in there.

I don’t really do smug very well… I don’t really do Selfies very well for that matter, either:

It was whilst I was in the Bathroom that I happened to notice that the crack had returned to the tile once more. I decided there and then to leave it as it was. I’m not even going to bother using grout to fix it… It can stay there for as long as it likes… I thought as I walked out of the Bathroom once again. And there, before me, on the door, was the reason why I wanted to fix the crack in the first place:

That can stay too… I thought. I then went to get something to eat, write a couple of rhymes to post next week, and then got to writing this.

It’s my own fault, though. I did say the other day that things are normal around here, didn’t I?