Tag: Relaxation

The Lake. Today.

This post is photo heavy. I seem to be doing that a lot lately!

I went for a stroll around the Lake today.

Calm and peaceful in every way.

Lone little water fowl swam gently by.

The waters reflected the changing sky.

From behind a tree a goose emerged.

”Take my photo” urged the friendly bird.

A squabble caused waves across the Lake.

Soon resolved – the peace was at stake!

Back on the side three ducks waddled in.

And promptly lined up for their photo session to begin.

”Hey, get my good side” urged the closest duck, Drake.

When more frantic swimming sounds came from the Lake.

”I’m nearly there! Please wait! Stop! Look!

I’m a blue-billed pony-tailed black-and-white duck!”*

Yep! More visitors to the Lake today. Lovely, peaceful walk generating lovely peaceful thoughts!

Here’s to a good weekend!

*It’s actually a Tufted Duck, in case you weren’t aware. I wasn’t. I am now.