I was, once again, around the Lake when I spotted, through the clearing in the trees and grasses, this heron peering through the surface of the water.

In an instant, its long beak broke through the surface of the water, snatching a tasty morsel.


It then saw me through the clearing, so I decided to leave at that moment. I may have been a little larger than the fish just caught, but I could see hunger through those eyes that were peering now directly at me. I wasn’t going to stick around any longer!

This is a post in response to Debbie’s One Word Sunday theme, ‘Through’.

19 Comments on “Through

  1. I was scrolling down a while on that first image, wondering what I was going to find! And I like you final close-up showing its shaggy feathers. Thanks Tom

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  2. The garden pond owners curse!!! 😀

    The only way to keep the buggers away is to have a plastic Heron next to your Pond!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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  3. Looks like you have found a great spot to spy the river banks Tom.. seems that the eye-spy also spotted you 🙂 lol
    Lovely photo shares.. my kind of place to be.. 🙂

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