Look who’s back! It’s Tufty the Duck and Mrs Tufty!

I saw them minding their own businesses swimming around The Lake today… they kept their distance from me, but I think I got a few action shots of them.

They weren’t the only ones keeping their distance, however.

The chap above had his eye firmly on something the other side of the bushes.

And who’s that over there? Is it? Is it???

It is! The Heron returns. He went again shortly after the above photo was taken, unfortunately.

And this chap kept me on the edge of The Bank as he haphazardly yet with marvellous precision clambered over the rocks.

Another fabulous time by The Lake… but then again, time’s always fabulous there!

11 thoughts

  1. OMG!!!! What is that black baby with the gigantic feet??? He’s hysterical. Love seeing the Tuftie’s back and maybe soon there will be Tuftiettes….So much fun to watch the wild life return. Mr. Heron is quite large! I have a new beaver pond by my house that they are going to town on building a great big house…I just love to see them and my birds as well….Happy Spring TL…. 🙂 VK

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    1. Happy Spring, VK!
      The baby is a water hen. They don’t appear to have webbed feet, but are really quick swimmers… even the babies.
      It was a nice surprise to see the Tufties again… and you never know about the little ones!


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