Night Snow Flight Sight

I went for a quick fly around last night, as you do in the snow when it’s coming down thick and fast. I managed to grab a quick photo on my mobile phone of the Mansion, in complete darkness apart from a couple of lights here and there, and the rooftop lit up by the sudden appearance of the Moon.

I think it was the Moon, anyway. It was hard to tell through all of the snow.

It wasn’t the flash on my mobile phone that illuminated things though – that much I’m sure. The flash didn’t go off, and the roof looked like that anyway, even before I took the photo.

I didn’t hang around for too long however, it was very damp up there with all of that snow, and rain and snow play havoc with my hair… as if that needs an excuse.

When I returned to the Mansion, I quickly checked myself out in the Mirror in the Bathroom.

Ye Gods! What a sight that was!

I took a photo of that also… but I shall spare you that little gem… for now!

6 Comments on “Night Snow Flight Sight

  1. Flying on what TL? You haven’t let us in on that little secret? That is a complete tease about your hair too…Fork it over and let us decide 🙂 Nice motif on the site by the way… VK


  2. Welll it’s your own fault if you stick your head out of the windows on a night like this!! I’ve seen your hair…I get your point!!!! lol lol….not to worry….tis Icewolf weather and if you look very carefully you might see me peeping warily through the snow at you….but then again you might not notice a snowy white star wolf amongst the snow flakes….watching you in bright lights of the Mansion! 🙂


    • I shall have to use candlelight, then Icewolf. That shows movement up all the more easier!
      The hair’s getting out of control. Wait until tomorrow’s post and see for yourself!!!


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