Beyond the Sphere

Into Winter

Backwards we fall in With days short and nights longer Winter’s scene is set Chill welcomes the day A sign we approach year’s end With frozen dew drops Rosy cheeks and things Visible signs of breathing And dash… Read More

Solstice 2016

Happy Winter Solstice 2016! For today’s post: a short selection of the more ‘Feel Good’ quotes regarding Winter that I came across: If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? (Percy Bysshe Shelley) No Winter lasts forever; no… Read More


Sigh. Talk about one of those days. I’ll run through the morning with you: A telephone call come in for me, regarding something or other. I forget what, exactly, as the person calling was announced as David Attenborough,… Read More

The Cold by TLMerriman

AlreadyIt’s getting old,The cold. The good thing: SoonIt will be Spring.