I’ve had a bit of a hectic week this week, and on more than one occasion I’m absolutely certain I melted when I shouldn’t have done. I’ve literally had to flop, wherever, given the chance. I like comfortable heat. This is uncomfortable heat, so I’m not particularly keen. Can’t do anything about it, though (apart from melting and flopping and that hasn’t done anything to help matters nevertheless!)

As luck would have it, my little fridge was in need of a severe defrost, so I did that this afternoon. It took all of ten minutes. It’s purring away nicely now, keeping my last remaining bottle of lime soda cool.

No point moaning about the weather though. Extreme storms are due to roll in tomorrow, which should clear the air, and cool things down again ready for next week’s hot onslaught. Hopefully by then, the nights will be cooler too, but we shall see.

It’s either too hot, too cold, too this, too that… another reason for me to want to flop wherever.

I’ve missed a few days blogging, which happens from time to time. That’s nothing to do with the weather, though, and more to do with the hectic week. But I’m clawing myself back. Re-congealing myself after all my melting, if you like. Regaining strength after all the flopping. That sort of thing. Ah… I ramble.

Missing blogging means I’ve missed a few days worth of squares, so to make up for that I present a huge rectangle. I can’t enter it into Becky’s Squares, because it’s not square, but it’s of a tree. It’s the tree that was in the second Square I posted (A River Runs Through It), only there are a few more unexpected (or should that be expected around here) subjects in the photo. Yes, The Spirits of the Trees are here! Loads of them in this photo.

Top left there’s a bright spirit waving, and, by the looks of things, taking a photo!

There’s a pig-like spirit looking at us just below nine o’clock, with a small possum or raccoon just beneath its chin.

There are several pairs of eyes looking at us just above the pig, left side.

There’s a bright cat enjoying him or herself in the leaves at the bottom of the picture… the smile on the face and one particular fang very clear.

And there are others… but look closely. Almost at the very centre, at the back. There’s a gorilla spirit leaning and peering through the trees directly at us.

Maybe you can see others. Let me know in the comments if any of these spirits jump out at you.

22 thoughts

  1. I see the pig very clearly, as to the rest of the watchers… I think they’re hiding. Maybe it’s because the cold bright sunshine is shining on my screen. You’d love it here, Tom, a balmy 15C – hat, coat and boot weather for us!!

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  2. Brutal heat has invaded my lil paradise too. HOT HOT HOT and not the song. It’s really
    HOT HOT HOT. Temps are 94 but with the humsidity it feels like 104. It will end soon but the droning of the air conditioner can get on ones nerves. It’s best not to complain as some don’t have AC. I think the tree likes the heat. The leaves are super green and huge.
    Happy Cooling Off !!!
    Isadora 😎

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    1. To me it feels like 300 right now, Isadora! 🔥 😳 We were due thunderstorms today, but they never arrived… hopefully tonight! My little fan has done me proud today! 😊
      And yes, please, Happy Cooling Off indeed! Thanks Isadora.

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