The Hallowe’en Spirits are a gathering!

Can you see the Skeletal Spirit towards the upper right of the above photo? Or the Shrunken Head Spirit in the bottom right? Maybe you can see the Carved Tree Spirit on the tree on the left. Or perhaps you can see a different Tree Spirit entirely.

Please let me know what you can see… and I will reply to all comments very shortly!

13 thoughts

  1. I see too many to name really…But in the upper portion of the pic in the center where the sky blob is shining through the trees, take time to truly search that sky blob…Quite a few faces exist there…Both human and animal…Good one TL….VK 🙂

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  2. That tree in the bottom corner has a face in the trunk! It’s lips speak of such Halloween horrors thatvit its drooping eyes cannot bear to look and remain perpetually cloaked in tree bark! Perhaps it is the trail of leaves nearby leading into the crevice between the green and mossy tunnel into the depths of the earth beneath the trees….where the earth spirits play and work their mischief!⚠️

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