Spirits and Such

I’ve been out in the Grinds again, taking photographs of random whatnots. The sky started to turn very dark at one point, and I was quite drawn to how the sunlight was forcing its way through the cloud cover. Can you notice anything in this photo?:

It was when I was looking through the photos afterwards that I spotted the first Spirit of the Sky. It wasn’t visible in the brightness of the normal sky, but in the photographed version it was quite clear. Here’s a closer version of what I saw. Is it any clearer yet?

This is as close as I can go as the photo is now starting to pixelate. Can you see the face of the female spirit looking upwards? It looks as though she is holding out her hands as well. Her eyes and hair, to me, are very clear, in the centre of this image:

The second Spirit, this time a Spirit of the Trees, appeared after I’d taken a photo of some planes that had flown over. There has been a lot of airplane activity of late, which is most unusual, with three or four aircraft flying over together, which is something I’ve never seen before. I’ve seen a convoy of helicopters fly overhead, but never planes. In this photo, I’d managed to capture two of the planes in the distance. The third was just ahead, but hidden by the trees.

The Spirit of the Tree made himself known to me as I was attempting to edit the photo to enhance the colours. All of the photos in this post haven’t been enhanced, only cropped (apart from the header image, that is.) This next photo is a closer look of the Tree Spirit; I’ve kept the planes in to show it is the same photo as above.

And here he is. Once again, the photo is staring to pixelate, but can you see the Green Man looking skywards through the leaves? I usually see lots of different Spirit’s faces through the leaves, but not the Green Man usually. If you look closely, you can see another face peering out just below him, and the more you look a whole host of other faces appear:

I think it is quite surprising the amount of things we see that aren’t actually there. Or are they?


20 thoughts on “Spirits and Such

  1. If we look at the world through our heart eyes and listen with our heart ears, such a richness and beauty surrounds us. I see a big heart in the cloud photo just where the sun is peeking through. My garden is full of nature spirits. And like you Tom, I see faces in the most unexpected and surprising places 🙂

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  2. Yep I see her, but also….Look at it again, second photo in particular….I see over all it( the light spot) first appeared as a sea horse, then upon looking closer in 2nd picture there is a frontal face of a cat, dead center,, the two ears are quite clear to see…I also see the green man…Good find TL. I always enjoy these posts 🙂 VK

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  3. I can see them both …. but I can also see two other things.

    Over to the right I see a disney type snake (think Hiss in Robin Hood), and he’s smoking a cigarette which he’s holding in his mouth. (You can see him best in the second photo down)

    I can also see a Dickensian female, (over to the left of the photo) with a long face, wearing a bonnet which has frilly lace around the top and sides of the head. Again, I think you’ll find her easier to see in the second photo down.

    Every now and again though, where I saw the snake …. I can also see a Chinese dragon.

    However … I can clearly see your lady. Beautiful face, lots of hair in curls.
    Fabulous photos Tom. (especially for a cloud watcher like me. he he)
    ~ Cobs. x

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    • I think I can make out the snake, Cobs, but I can see a dragon a lot clearer.
      Also. the Dickensian female… I’m not sure if I’m seeing the same thing, but there appears to be a blonde female looking towards the centre of the photo, smiling in profile.She’s either wearing glasses or a dark fascinator toward the front of her head which hangs over her eyes.
      The sky is full of them this time! 😀

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