Tree Spirits sometimes like to reveal their presence slowly, like those in this image here.

From the new leaves upwards, a face appears, which to me was thinking ‘splendid’, hence the title for this post.

Also, can you see the little raccoon/bear/cat-like creature behind the tree? It appears to be sharing a smile.

(Photo taken on my a-wanderings in the woods last week!)

8 responses to “Splendid!”

  1. Spira avatar

    Wandering in the woods…perfect.
    So,Tom…you have seen an Αμαδρυάς

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    1. Tom avatar

      Indeed I have, Nick… I see them all the time, in fact! 🙂

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  2. Jaye Marie and Anita Dawes avatar

    Right now, I would love to wander in those woods… I feel more peace, just looking at that tree…

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    1. Tom avatar

      It’s a very peaceful place to wander! 🙂


    1. Tom avatar

      I totally agree, Chris! 🙂

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  3. Avigail (Hineini…I’m here) avatar
    Avigail (Hineini…I’m here)

    Trees are very spiritual. They’re my favorite woodland beings. 😊

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    1. Tom avatar

      There is a certain specialness to them, Avigail! 🙂

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