Beyond the Sphere

Oi, Britain!!!

Honestly. I’m in the middle of a blogging break while I recover from one condition, and now find myself compelled to write a blog post about another situation. Thankfully, as I’m writing the post the situation isn’t as… Read More

Near Death Experience / Reassessment

My Words: Tears. Lock. Clock. Cogs. Age. Jack. Lad. Slot. Tag. Glad. (10) Stream of Consciousness based on a true story. The traffic grid-locked, although ahead my lane is clear. Indicate. Pull out. Drive forward. Traffic lights red… Read More

The Lake. Today.

This post is photo heavy. I seem to be doing that a lot lately! I went for a stroll around the Lake today. Calm and peaceful in every way. Lone little water fowl swam gently by. The waters… Read More

Blue with a hint of green…

I’m celebrating Good Friday with a series of photos (taken on my mobile phone, of course!) concentrating on the colours blue and green. It may be a tad early in England for bluebells to appear, but here in… Read More

Pssst… Want to know a secret?

  Tom! I’ve tagged you for the Tell 5 Secrets Blog Hop!   Recently, Sherri challenged me. I say recently, but I’ve altered my blogging style, and I’m now writing a few weeks in the past, so although… Read More