Oi, Britain!!!


I’m in the middle of a blogging break while I recover from one condition, and now find myself compelled to write a blog post about another situation. Thankfully, as I’m writing the post the situation isn’t as bad as it could have been, but a second earlier or later and there could have been no blog post.

I’m addressing this post to the drivers of the UK, but in effect it could apply to drivers anywhere, especially if said drivers lose control of all common sense when they get behind the wheel of their vehicle.

I’m sorry to say, drivers of Britain, but you are the worst. You bring down the concept of being human. You lose the ability of logical mind, and allow stupidity to control both yourself and the vehicle you are meant to be driving.

Tonight I was hit by a vehicle as I crossed a road. Luckily for me, it was only a bump with a very loud thud, although I doubt that the ‘human’ behind the wheel heard it over their ridiculously loud thumping music they were playing.

As I crossed the road, I noticed the black 4X4 turn into the road I was three-quarters of the way across. I thought to myself ‘that’s a bit close’, as I noticed it turning into the wrong side of the road (the correct side of the road was now behind me and I was way passed this… oh, and before you ask, the vehicle wasn’t there when I started to cross), and then the vehicle hit me. I stepped back into the road to see if the ‘driver’ had realised they had actually hit another human being, once I regained control of my senses after saying to myself “Did that actually just happen?”, and I think they did stop momentarily before turning into another road and driving off. As it was a residential street, I thought the vehicle may have parked somewhere, but it was nowhere to be seen when I had a quick look. No surprise there.

It’s actually no surprise I was hit by the vehicle thinking about it. Another driver, the other week, drove straight through regardless as I was crossing on a zebra crossing at a Tesco supermarket carpark. One vehicle to my right had stopped to allow me to cross, but the buffoon to the left turned out of one of the lanes and seemed oblivious to the fact that there was a crossing even there, let alone somebody using it.

I’ve seen vehicles overtaking queues of traffic on the wrong side of the road, on the wrong side of central reservations… speeding drivers narrowly missing being involved in collisions as they race regardless around winding roads – again on the wrong side of the road… I had a truck overtake me as I was driving on my right, only to turn left in front of me into the road I was approaching… I had a woman try to drive her car through my old car (literally, she rammed her car into the front of mine) as she wanted to turn left at a roundabout when she was in the wrong (right-turn) lane, but didn’t indicate and just decided to go. She was extremely un-lady lake when I ferociously honked my horn at her… motorcyclists undertaking and overtaking at any given opportunity… cyclists at night dressed in black without lights on, some even sending text messages on their mobiles whilst peddling – I mean wobbling – into the path of traffic… I’ve seen drivers swing their doors wide open without checking if anything (cyclist or car) was approaching…  I’ve seen drivers reversing the wrong way along one way streets (so their car was facing the right way)…  I’ve had a ‘professional’ coach driver sound their horn at me as they sailed passed me at speed when I was stopping at a red traffic light… on the news recently, there were images of impatient drivers driving the wrong way on a motorway to avoid a traffic hold up… and this list doesn’t even touch the surface.

I’m a driver. I know how frustrating it can be. I know it’s easy to make a mistake. But taking the time to think about the driving, rather than just blindly making the vehicle go, could save a whole lot of hassle. Being a little more patient, and courteous, both with yourself and the other ‘humans’ on the road, could save a lot of stress. Taking time to look carefully, using the roads correctly, allowing others time to do their things, would actually make the driving experience a little more pleasurable.

And this could also prevent YOU from killing somebody on the road.

Fortunately, not all drivers are like this – it may just be my turn to see them on the roads – but if you drive any way like in the examples above, or equally as stupidly, just think. Take a step back. Give yourself time.

Hopefully, British roads will become much better in the near future… that’s what I’m looking out for now. It’s a shame that a ‘near-death experience’ has prompted this post, but if this post encourages just one person to make a concerned effort to become a better driver, then writing the post has been worth it.

Near Death Experience / Reassessment

My Words:
Tears. Lock. Clock. Cogs. Age. Jack. Lad. Slot. Tag. Glad. (10)

Stream of Consciousness based on a true story.

The traffic grid-locked, although ahead my lane is clear. Indicate. Pull out. Drive forward. Traffic lights red ahead. Dead ahead. Jack-the-lad in white van decides he wants my lane and pulls out into my path without looking. I swerve with an inch to spare. Slot back in to my lane. Heart pounding. Driver behind oblivious. Still we both live. I can age another day. No tears.

This year’s clock is running fast. Almost tropical temperatures for February get the cogs working overtime. Highest temperatures ever tagged, yet still frosty mornings. Glad the weather’s normal?


I think that needs reassessing.

100 Words.

The Lake. Today.

This post is photo heavy. I seem to be doing that a lot lately!

I went for a stroll around the Lake today.

Calm and peaceful in every way.

Lone little water fowl swam gently by.

The waters reflected the changing sky.

From behind a tree a goose emerged.

”Take my photo” urged the friendly bird.

A squabble caused waves across the Lake.

Soon resolved – the peace was at stake!

Back on the side three ducks waddled in.

And promptly lined up for their photo session to begin.

”Hey, get my good side” urged the closest duck, Drake.

When more frantic swimming sounds came from the Lake.

”I’m nearly there! Please wait! Stop! Look!

I’m a blue-billed pony-tailed black-and-white duck!”*

Yep! More visitors to the Lake today. Lovely, peaceful walk generating lovely peaceful thoughts!

Here’s to a good weekend!

*It’s actually a Tufted Duck, in case you weren’t aware. I wasn’t. I am now.

Blue with a hint of green…

I’m celebrating Good Friday with a series of photos (taken on my mobile phone, of course!) concentrating on the colours blue and green. It may be a tad early in England for bluebells to appear, but here in the Grinds anything and everything happens in its own random order. You can get some pretty nifty shots at some great angles on a mobile.

Happy Good Friday!

Pssst… Want to know a secret?


Tom! I’ve tagged you for the Tell 5 Secrets Blog Hop!


Recently, Sherri challenged me. I say recently, but I’ve altered my blogging style, and I’m now writing a few weeks in the past, so although it is very recent for me, it isn’t as recent for Sherri herself. But, I did accept the challenge, and as my recent posts have been time related, it’s quite fitting that I reveal my first secret thusly. I understand that the secrets Sherri has challenged me to write about aren’t meant to be facts like I now schedule my posts, so I’ll just throw that one in for good measure. An extra secret, if you like, before I even begin.

This knowledge may come in useful when I’m writing about a major news story that broke weeks ago, like them finding that ocean on Ganymede…


A week’s worth of secrets await to be revealed. I’ve decided to post a secret a day. Five secrets in five days.

I’m stalling because I can’t think of one secret. This may be a short week.

No… I’ve got one.


I know that I post hundreds of Selfies of me every now and again. I can’t seem to get the camera angle correct, so end up with the majority of me being chopped off. I don’t mind that, being honest, although sometimes it would be nice to introduce myself to the world properly.

Maybe one day, when I’m not as shy and retiring.

On my about page, I’ve already done that – introduced myself, that is – with a photo of me from decades ago, so what I’m about to do will be the ultimate reveal. A secret to beat all secrets. I shall reveal more of me from that time.

Back then, I was on a cruise ship holiday. I visited Egypt, Cyprus and Israel. I knew my way around Cyprus.  I was amazed at how close the Pyramids were to Cairo:

In the above photo, you can see the reflection of the ear of the person who was sitting in the seat in front of me on the coach as we travelled from the port to the Pyramids.

And above, I present me. Probably the biggest secret on this blog ever. I’m such a private person. Hello World! I’m real! From way back when: me in Egypt (this is the photo I have on my ‘about me’ page, so you don’t need to go there and check now, if you thought of doing that!); me floating on the Dead Sea, looking muscular as usual; me standing in front of a ship’s wheel dressed to the nines; and me standing in front of a Pyramid, being blinded by the morning Sun.

As you can clearly see, I got redder and redder as the holiday went on. By the time I came home, I certainly gave the scarlet ibis a run for its money:

And that has given me the idea for secret number two. But not today…