Dillop in Training

How often do you look at yourself and think is that really me? Are you projecting who you truly are to the outside world or just a small aspect of it?

I found myself thinking that this morning.

On the blog, here in Blogland, I come across as Tom Merriman, or TL Merriman, or Tomliam Merriman, and sometimes even Tom Millennium (or maybe that was just a distant memory once!)

Obviously, these are all characters created by me, characters just like my Inner Typist, Fingers, or my Inner Woman, Thomasina. Characters like Gemevere Inxlsis from Reverence, and all the others from my many stories and storylines that have appeared on the blog throughout the years.

My stories and posts are written by Tom Merriman, who lives in a sprawling Mansion deep in the heart of Cheshire, England, that is on the cusp between reality and all that is surreal, the edge of what is known and unknown, and the barrier between the brilliant and the bizarre. The Mansion, that is, not Cheshire, England… although – no. Let’s just leave it at the Mansion.

In real life, I wonder how much of all my characters I carry around with me… and then I wonder if the real me, the real Tom, is merely just another character of my being, projecting himself onto a world full of other characters.

Through all my thoughts, I couldn’t find an answer.

I’m either very complex, or not as complex as I think I am.

And my head hurts now.

24 thoughts

  1. You’ve got me thinking, Tom, and I wanted to say something profound about the imagination being part of us, so any version of reality is valid… and now it’s getting too complicated and my head hurts too. But. The realm of the imagination is such an important place… and we can go there almost whenever we choose. 😊

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    1. It’s that rabbit hole again, Chris!
      The head always starts to hurt a little, depending on the intensity of the visit! 🙂
      And the realm of the imagination is such a good place to go!

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  2. I know exactly what you mean Tom and it’s exciting really being able to slip from one personality to another. We are just souls within varying bodies which sometimes don’t match how we feel at times. I hope you understand what I mean 😊

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    1. I understand you completely, Elaine.
      I suppose we all portray ourselves differently in different situations, so different aspects of our characters appear. To someone who didn’t know us, they’d see that character instead of our normal everyday one.
      Hmmm… I need a head massage!

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