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Ultraviolet Universe

Sorry, but I love the universe.

Here is a photo I have found of it taken in ultraviolet. Not by me, I hasten to add, I still can’t get a good photo of the moon. Only half appears here, but if you click on it you should get the full effect. Not the full effect as if you were actually there, but close enough when looking at a computer screen…

Here are some other amazing images I have found, which may or may not be in ultraviolet. The final photo is of home. Absolutely stunning:

Reality realm

I spend a lot of time floating around in my imagination, history, parallel universes, and work, that I start to see them as my own personal reality.

I spend hours fantasising about the tropical island that I want to own, or the huge house that I want to live in, or the vast sums of money that are displayed when I check my bank balance on the cash machine. I imagine the book that I keep promising to write being an international best seller, and doing something that is inspirational to others.

There are lots of things that I think I want to do. I need to be realistic. I need to be centered, and focused on what I want to do. I need some set questions to ask for my dreams to start to become more real. And the answers to the questions need to be positive too!

Can I do what I want to do? If I put my mind to it, yes!

Do I mind doing a little work to do what I want to do? If I really want to do it, then yes, I’ll do the work.

Are my goals achievable? Yes, very achievable.

Are you stopping yourself from moving forwards? If I haven’t started to see any changes in any of the areas that I want to improve, then yes I am stopping myself.

Are you ready to start to bring changes in to the areas that you think need improving? Yes, I am ready.

Here’s the reality realm: NOW! Make the changes yourself. Slowly, but surely. Take small steps. As soon as you start to see that one area of your life is improving, another will follow. And another. And another. Start now. Live your dream life tomorrow.

Quickly! Quietly!


Very nearly forgot to post my Postaday2011 post today. I think I’ve gotten away with it though…! I’ll just add this short post in under cover of darkness, and while no-one is looking.

Sneaking around is fun. Well, it used to be when I was six. I used to quickly and quietly hide wherever I could, and jump out and surprise whoever was there. Unfortunately, I was always spotted. Maybe I wasn’t as quick or as quiet as I thought when I was six. I couldn’t sneak around now though, I am definitely not quick or quiet.

Although having said that, I am considerably quicker and quieter than I was last year… due to losing a little bit of weight.

Last year, I procrastinated about going swimming. I know that swimming is the best form of exercise for me, and I really lose weight in a matter of weeks when I set my mind to it, but I always put off going. Eventually I go and wish afterwards that I had gone sooner. I started a little too late last year for summer, but this year, I am prepared.

I still need to lose some weight – not as much as last year, but I still need to tone up a little. I now have a few months until summer arrives, but before summer I will be visiting a Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition, and meeting up with a friend who I last saw at the last exhibition. Last year, I had only just started going swimming the week before the exhibition, but my friend said that I looked good for it. I want to look even better for this year, so there’s a bit of something to spur me on. I’m going to do it, but keep quiet about it. I like doing things for myself.

On Friday night, I saw someone who used to serve me in a sandwich shop, who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. She quickly came over to me and shook my hand. She quietly said “Well done on the weight that you have lost. You look good.”

I felt good after that!

So, the moral to this post? If you want to do something, do it! Do it quickly so you don’t talk yourself out of it, and quietly, so others don’t talk you out of it either. Why put off until tomorrow what can be done today? Reach for the stars! Grab hold of the dream! Just do it!

I wonder… can I do it in time this year?


I’m intrigued by inspiration. Maybe intrigued is the wrong word to use, but I find it fascinating how we can think of something when there was previously nothing there at all.

Earlier today I was watching something on TV, and one of the actresses who was starring in the show reminded me of another actress who I haven’t seen for a long time. I remembered the shows that ‘my’ actress – not the one currently on screen – had appeared in previously, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember her name or the name of the characters she played. This person who was on screen actually looked nothing like the one who she reminded me of, either, which is another thing that intrigues me, but I’ll leave that one for now…!

So, I was trying to think who this actress was. The more I thought, the more my mind emptied. I was actually observing my mind completely free of everything. I knew that I was trying to think of this person, but this thought seemed to be in a different place completely to the part of my mind where my other thoughts usually are. The place where I ‘see’ my thoughts was empty. I could feel the calmness within me. There was nothing there. Not a thing.

Suddenly, the actress’ name appeared. Totally out of the blue, without anything to prompt it. It was at this point that I realised that the actress on screen looked nothing like the one who I thought she reminded me of. And then the character’s names who she had played appeared as well.

I felt really pleased with myself that I had been able to answer my own question.

Here is why I find it intriguing: The memory of that person was in my mind because the on-screen person reminded me of her. Until I realised the name of the actress I was looking for, she looked like the one currently on TV in my mind’s eye. There was nothing in my mind at that time that was accurately relevant to the actress I was trying to think of, and the image of her changed to her true image as soon as I plucked her name from out of nowhere. So where did this flash of inspiration come from?

And this is why I’m writing this post now. Just to say how easy it is to get a flash of inspiration. And how using this inspiration can make great changes. I mean, if I can get a thought from an empty head, what great things can I come up with when I am focussed on something and looking at ways to improve things?

It goes to show that we don’t need to be thinking of anything to be inspired, yet at the same time we are always open to inspiration. Wherever we look, whatever we do, what we read, how we cook, how we dress, what we think, who we know, and who we are, are all inspirational in themselves.

How are you inspired?

Do you class yourself as inspirational?

Do you use your inspiration creatively? I think I do to some extent, but I know it can be used for far greater things than what I currently do. I’ll be working a lot closer with my inspiration over the next few months… my instincts are telling me that this is a good idea!

I really like good ideas!!!