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Who is Clancy Farquhar?

The snow was falling heavily, as it had done so for the last two weeks. Most of the roads in this part of west London were open, but Upper Barnes Mews was one of those that weren’t.

The wireless was reporting a news story of Thailand apparently declaring war on Britain and the United States, and although the older generation sat around and listened carefully, stories of the war had become such an every day thing people just took them in their stride. Michael was more interested in the weather.

The knock at the front door took Michael by surprise, especially as he had been watching the snow falling through the lounge window and hadn’t noticed anybody walk passed. It was just starting to get dark, but he would have still been able to see somebody outside. The house was an end terrace, and the road stopped just passed this house, in fact it was blocked by a brick wall that hid the houses in the road beyond it. There was no way that anyone could have walked into the road from that direction, unless they had climbed over the wall. Which was possible, but highly unlikely due to the heavy snow.

Michael’s mother placed her sewing onto the table in front of her chair, and got up to answer the door. Michael couldn’t make out what was being said in the hallway, but could hear his mother and father talking. His father had already opened the door by the time his mother had left the lounge. Michael then heard another voice. A woman’s voice.

Michael heard a few more hushed words, and then realised that an air raid siren was sounding. His mother came back into the lounge, picked up her sewing work, and took Michael by the hand. She led him to the shelter that was in their back garden.

The shelter was large enough for six people, so there was plenty of room for the four of them. Michael climbed onto his top bunk bed and watched as his mother poured four glasses of fresh orange juice. His father was still speaking quietly to the strange woman who had knocked on the door.

Michael looked at the woman, and saw that she wasn’t so strange after all. Brown hair almost hidden beneath a headscarf, and a long brown coat that went down to just beneath her knees.

The woman noticed Michael looking at her and gave him a kind smile.

“Hello, Michael”, she said, with a northern English accent, “I’m your Auntie Clancy”.

One Minute Ramble: Saturn’s Sunrise

Saturn Sunrise

Sunrise on Saturn
Is a spectacular sight
With pink fluffy clouds and rainbows of light
The mystical rings shimmer in colours ne’er before seen
Blues that are red
And whites that are green
Oceans of gas and islands of air
Metals are liquid and no life is there
To see the spectacular Saturn sunrise
That for most of the day fills all of the skies

Who is Clancy Farquhar?

“Clanky Farquhar!” Shouted the receptionist as though she was in a very bad mood.Open Book

“CLANKY FARQUHAR!” She bellowed once again, seemingly staring at everyone in the waiting room. There were only three people there, two men and a woman. The two men glanced around the room, at each other, and then back at the gruff receptionist. Neither of them were ‘Clanky Farquhar’. The woman was sitting, un-moving, trance-like.

The receptionist wrote a large cross on the form that was attached to her clipboard, and then turned her attention to one of the two men. “Elliot Rawlinson!”, she scowled at one of the men, and, rather sheepishly, the other one stood up. “Room three.” The receptionist said sternly,and pointed to the stairs. Elliot walked up the stairs, and disappeared along the corridor at the top.

Another buzzer sounded, and the receptionist tutted as she had to alter her direction from returning to her chair behind the receptionist’s desk, and back into the waiting room, where she shouted “Michael Green!”

“Greenwood…” the second man corrected, but the receptionist wasn’t interested. “Room four.” She pointed to the stairs again. Michael left the waiting room the same way that Elliot had.

The receptionist looked at the woman, who was now the only person waiting. “Wake up, miss”, she said, “are you waiting to see a dentist?”

The woman blinked, and looked up at the receptionist. “Oh, sorry, I was miles away” she said, with a kind, but embarrassed smile. The receptionist scowled and narrowed her eyes. “Clanky Farquhar?”

“That’s ‘sea’” the woman corrected the receptionist, who paid as much attention to this correction as she had the previous one, but before she could say anything Clancy stood up, and continued with her correction. “Clancy Farquhar. And no, I’m not waiting to see a dentist. I’m actually here to see you.”

The receptionist looked at Clancy with a look of confusion. Clancy looked at the receptionist with a look of familiarity.

“Do I know you, Miss Farquhar?” the receptionist asked, her voice had softened slightly, but was still stern.

“No, not yet,” Clancy answered. “But you will”

Did anyone notice the End of the World?

scrollMay 21st 2011 has, for some reason, been scheduled as the day that the World ends. At 6pm to be exact. It’s now 7.02pm and everything is still here, exactly as it was before. Although, it has started to get a little dark… I think it’s about to rain.

The World is also expected to end on October 21st 2011 as well. And next December, December 20th or 21st 2012, when the Mayan calendar comes to an end – this date seems to change quite a bit lately too.

I don’t understand any of this End of the World stuff, if the truth is to be known. I mean it is highly unlikely that the World really will end, when there is another prediction for it to end a few months later on in the year.

It’s as though someone, somewhere, wants the majority of the population to live in fear. Shame on those people who need to try to control the masses by fear. It isn’t on. Remember the Power of Tenfold Return applies in this instance…

I mean to say, if the World was to end, I’d rather it just happened. I don’t want to know that the World will end on ____________________ (insert date here, but be quick – the dates are going fast!). And what a palaver it is to get things sorted, ready for the end, if you know. Leave things be, and let things take their own course of action, is what I say, and just enjoy the moment now. So what if the World is ending… it’s not ending right now, right at this time, so do what you want to, enjoy yourself, and live in the moment!

Here are ten suggestions to pass the time on the day the World Ends – best be quick, though, just in case (but don’t worry… be happy!)

    1. Get your hair done.
      Ever fancied having a green rinse? Or shaving one side of your head? Go for it! I’m going to resurrect my severe flick.
    2. Wear your most hideous clothes – or those that you are saving for best.
      You may never get the chance again, so why not? Mix and match is always a good policy!
    3. Go out and dance in the rain.
      Even if you can’t dance, do it! Get others to join in – or better still, go to your local supermarket to do it… you can get a bit of last minute shopping in as well, while you’re at it!
    4. Paint a portrait.
      Historians in the future will want to know what life was like in our time. Your portraits will help. Especially if you paint yourself with green hair wearing that hideous orange shirt, dancing in a shopping trolley. The historians will think of us all as a fun-loving lot!
    5. Write a tale of our time.
      Your words could be the change that the Earth needs for the future. Don’t mention any End of World dates though, unless you are certain, and if you are certain, don’t bother with the writing, the painting, the clothes, the dancing or the hair. No, hang on… do bother!
    6. Look around at your immediate surroundings, and see the beauty in the first thing that you look at.
      What you think about, you bring about, remember – look for beauty and you will see it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    7. Hug.
      Yourself. Another person. A tree.
    8. Learn a foreign language.
      Well, you may have time, and you may get to use the ability… you never know.
    9. Sing five songs in full that have the word ‘Celebrate’ in them.
      I can’t think of any right at this time, so there you have it… the World can’t possibly end without knowing five songs with the word ‘Celebrate’ in them.
    10. Go and make your own list of ten things to do when the World is coming to an end.
      It’s actually quite fun, if you don’t stay too caught up in the reason why you are doing it.

All I can say is that it is a good job that I managed to serve my notice of termination in my last post. Not that I knew anything yesterday of today’s End of the World prophecy. This was all one big coincidence… I only found out about today before writing this post – that was where the inspiration came from.


Being inspired by the End of the World.

That’s not a good note to end on really, is it?

However, must dash. I’ve got to go to Sainsbury’s to do some dancin’! (Other supermarkets are available)

And word count: Seven Seven Seven…