Breathlessly, the woman in the blue tweed suit looked up toward the next level.

“This is high enough for me,” she announced to a passing child and her mother “I’m not going up there!” They both held onto the rail and carried on upwards, watching the woman as she laughed rambunctiously.

The woman looked down to the bottom of the slope. She spotted her friend waiting below.

“Coo-eeeeeee!” She bellowed animatedly, and then guffawed. Her friend didn’t hear her, although he was looking into a shop window.

The woman took one clumsy step forward.

“Oh bother!” she said, as her ski worked itself free from her foot.

She reached down to try to attach and fasten it again, but became top-heavy, and toppled forward down the ski-slope, having not realised how close she was to the edge.

Belly down, she slid – and laughed – from top to bottom.

Lady Salinger-Wallis is the blue tweed-suited woman, one of my characters who begged me to write her into one of my posts for my theme for March ‘The Next Level’. This story actually began just after this point, many, many Moons ago – here’s the original post.  I thought I’d carry it on by going a second or two earlier, the next level down, time-wise, I suppose.

Lady S also featured in my Halloween special last year, and that little multi-part story starts here.

If you feel the urge to write a post or posts using my theme for March, then please do so, you’re more than welcome to… click the doobery below for more details:

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