Recently, Visionkeeper challenged me to find one word that would encompass all of the emotions I have included in my little array of posts earlier today.

The emotions I tried to describe in less than twenty words each (give or take – I was sleepy when I wrote them!) were, in no particular order:





Happiness. (Always end on a high!)

Such different emotions, on both sides of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ scale. The good ones make you feel fabulous, the bad ones less so. The thing is, every emotion is needed. We can’t only have the good ones, as we’d have nothing to compare them to. We wouldn’t know whether anything needed improving if we felt perpetual happiness, however appealing that sounds.

The first word I wrote about was Rage… I don’t know whether that came across in the posts, as I deliberately posted them out of order. Being tired, I was slightly cranky, and even slightlier more so when I couldn’t come up with a decent rhyme to describe the emotion. Even a shockingly terrible rhyme would have done, but no – there was nothing! So words had to do.

Now, as there are many, many emotions that we feel throughout the day, I didn’t want to go on and write about all of them. If I had, I’d have probably reached my blogging goal tomorrow and been well on the way to my 3,000th post, so I stopped at five.

As we need all emotions, and they all exist within us (whether that’s within our minds, our aura, our presence, our thoughts or our bodies – wherever the emotions sit with us!) they become part of us. They probably make us, to some extent… we all know or have heard of people who are ‘emotional wrecks’, haven’t we? (I fit into that category at times, I don’t mind admitting… hi, other emotional wrecks out there!)

So therefore all emotions need each other as much as we need them. We need the balance – or imbalance, whatever the case may be. We need the fear at times, to keep us safe. We need the rage to stoke our fires (but not too much and not too hot!). We obviously need the happiness and the joy and the occasional surprise is nice as well. Fear can lead to surprise sometimes… surprise can turn into rage or happiness (depending on the surprise!) Folk who love terribly scary movies get joy out of fear – as I suppose those who take part in extreme sports… although I feel fear just watching them, and then feel joy when I look away.

Every emotion working within us.

There can be only one word, in my mind, that fits in this analogy.


Dictionary definition: the quality or state of not being multiple.

A second definition: a condition of harmony.

The odd thing was, I was flicking through a book as I was getting ready to settle for this evening. I put the book down, and it fell open, as books do from time to time. The word ‘unity’ jumped out of the page at me.

And I felt very happy. I had my word that covers every emotion, including the five I decided to ‘showcase’.

A condition of harmony – sounds like paradise!

15 thoughts

  1. Unity is the perfect word! It is the mantra and guidance for the new world we are creating. In order to have unity you must essentially have love to nurture it. You must be taking in by osmosis the unity energy in the universe right now. Everything is being pushed on the outside towards the center…We are being boxed in by war and evil and violence and fear and corruptness which is a very stressful experience but at the same time being squeezed forces us to find ways to break loose to survive. It is bringing us all together rather than pushing us apart as they had hoped. We are creating UNITY! Right on TL 🙂 VK-

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  2. Super words you’ve written, Tom. You are one with the universe. The messages are being sent and you’re receiving them.
    I like to open a book sometimes without looking to see what comes up. You had it done for you. Good for you for having special little helpers guiding you along the way. Ironically, this week WordPress has a photo challenge with the word harmony. It blends well with your post here.
    I added this to my Harmony Photo post :
    “Spiritual harmony exists from experiencing the prelude of past mistakes, the serenade of present awareness and the symphony of future opportunities.”
    If your curios about the photos that went along with the quote ;
    Isadora 🙏


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