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Epic Mythology


The serpent Hor swam the River Florn
To find the Shadow King Pol’tnorn
Elderwoods is a dreary place
Where its dwellers hide without a trace

Hor searched and swam, swam and searched
Through stagnant water, and lifeless earth
The sun was up, high and bright
He’d have more luck if he searched at night

He turned back to the water and gently slithered
Into the depths of the murky river
Back to the P’tor caves he would go
To return in better light, or so

From the banks the king looked on
Still in the shadows until Hor was gone
Confused he was as to why Hor would come
And reveal himself in the afternoon sun

What Now?

So there I was, eating me cornflakes enjoying a lovely cool breeze, and I allowed my mind to wander. Dangerous stuff that, when eating your cornflakes.

I munched and crunched, and with each bite I could hear footsteps across a gravelled courtyard. “Halt!” A voice shouted as I swallowed.  I took another mouthful, and heard the footsteps start once again.

“HALT I SAID!” bellowed the voice. I started to wonder if the voice was telling me to halt eating, or the imaginary footsteps, whoever they belonged to, to stop marching.

I brought myself back to my senses, and continued eating anyway. Through the open window, I could hear the gaggle of geese fly away into the distance, honking and chattering as they did so.

Maybe Goose Leader wanted some of my cornflakes and was commanding his gaggle to stop and try and get some. Its funny, isn’t it, the things you hear when you aren’t truly listening?

Epic Mythology


Eln stood, disgruntled, ready to attack,
Kailan stopped playing, as did Clammack
“Eln, my friend, sit back with ease
Surely the good prince is here to tease?”

Ankela looked on at the gathered crowd
As he heard Kailans plea which was quite loud
He looked at Eln with a smirk on his face
“You surely don’t want to her to stay in this place?”

Eln looked over at his beloved Starr
Then back to this prince from lands afar
“Starr of Starne is here to stay
And that won’t change in any way”

“But, musician,” belittled the handsome prince
“You’re a hermit and you make me wince.”
“But I’m his wife,” Starr answered back
Watching the prince’s expression crack

And for #WorldWatercolorMonth, I’ve created one of the ways into Everplain; there are actually many, but this is the way over the very green hills and far away:

World Watercolor Month July 2019 Doodlewash

Epic Mythology

Snowlef laughed as she was being chased
Through the Tower of Dreams in the Reading Place
Her mother, Locke, commanded she stop
Though Snowlef didn’t until the Paniom dropped

Sintair stood frozen in time
Once again he’d stepped out of line
Snowlef watched on although she couldn’t move
Knowing full well her mother disapproved

“This is the library, children, the Reading Place
It is not a room to play and race
It is for calm, and peace, a place to relax
Not one for sudden surprise attacks!

“Now go outside to the gardens and play
I’ve extended time to give you more day
The Paniom has been set back an hour”
As the Goddess Locke controlled Time’s power