Beyond the Sphere

March 2020: Health Update

As it’s abundantly clear that I’m not making a big song and dance over the fact that I’ve now surpassed the 3000 post mark here on Beyond the Sphere, I thought I’d give a quick health update. Nothing… Read More


Wintermoon watches Silently observing all Tranquil in the sky Lights of stars reflect Dancing against the backdrop Awesome in number Below the world sleeps Dreaming a million things And Wintermoon glows

Serenity Falls

Serenity falls A tranquil blanket cover A feeling of home

Imaginary Sunset

Godrays reach forward Sending final shards of light, Peace across day’s end

Guess What…?!

I’m taking another blogging break. I know I haven’t really returned from the last one fully yet, but there is a different reason for this break. I have only gone and developed Bell’s palsy, and the whole right… Read More