Beyond the Sphere

Towards the end of September last year, this chap/chappess appeared in the Grinds, hopping from leaf to leaf, posing for a few photos to be taken. Some with the wings wide open, others with them tightly closed.

(S/)he returned the following day, at around the same time, and did exactly the same thing.

After those two days, the colourful visitor had moved on to somewhere new, obviously knowing that I had taken enough photos to share in a post when needed.

So, this is the post.

Wikipedia says:

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

Basically what starts small in one place, ends up huge somewhere else. My little butterfly friend here with each flap of his wings in the Grinds can cause gale-force winds elsewhere on the planet due to the law of Cause and Effect. The tiny breeze spreads ever outwards, expanding and growing as it goes. It’s a well-known phenomenon.

My little butterfly friend here is also sending out a little subliminal message: Feel Good. Soon, those Feel Good vibes will be hurtling through every avenue around the world, touching anybody who happens to be there. Whether they notice or not is up to them, but the message is going out.

Start by Feeling Good within, then spread a little goodness to those around, and then watch the goodness grow. Not a bad theory, is it?

#EDIT… those pesky gremlins are back, trying to prevent this post from being posted. But posted it will be!!!#

I’ve spent far longer on this painting than I should have done. It’s now 10:20pm and I started it just after 7. I kept adding a touch here and a splosh of colour there, I just couldn’t stop.

Today’s prompt for #WorldWatercolorGroup is Bees.

Fascinating creatures, they are, when you stop and really look at them. And they fly in a heavy, measured way, which is very cool. Well, I think so. My bee is nowhere near finished, but I couldn’t continue any longer, although I had a fun time busying myself with it!


Pottering the other day, I came across this little Green Shield Bug having an afternoon snooze. I thought he was hibernating at first, but I soon realised he was only dozing as he began to wave his antenna at me. I didn’t want to annoy him any longer so I left him be. Apparently, this bug is rather numerous here in the UK… he’s the first one I have ever seen. I must always have been looking the other way before…