Nefertiti’s Table

For today’s painting, I travelled all the way back to 1355BC  and managed to paint this quick watercolour of a mid-afternoon snack before Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti (I was in luck as she’d just popped to the shops with her consort Pharaoh Akhenaten) returned to eat it.

It was warm in that Ancient Egyptian Sun, I don’t mind telling you (almost as warm as it has been around here lately!), but things must be done in order to complete all of my paintings, if I can, for #WorldWatercolorMonth. This now makes 15 of 15, so I’m doing well.

I may stay in the 21st Century for my next painting, but I can’t seem to stay still for long!

And to celebrate the rain: Sunflowers!

Another wet on wet on wet on wet on wet on wet watercolour – that is now fourteen of fourteen for #WorldWatercolorMonth. (Oh, and by the way, that was six wets there – well, it is Saturday!)

This took slightly longer than ten minutes to do, but nowhere near an hour. Yes, person at the back there, I know that it looks like it, but that is the look I was going for, thank you very much! And it was done in my practice pad, which isn’t really cut out for wet on wet stuff, but I like to live dangerously at times. At one point, the paper was so curled it was as though I was painting on a… on a… erm… a… a damp piece of rolled up paper, but I stuck to it. And finished it. It is finished, person at the back there.

Wet paint on wet paper, followed by a slight mist of more water followed by another dabbing of wet paint caused the random haphazard mess fiasco subtle blending of colours I present to you here. And I’m not even bothered about the green, before you go there. Just sayin’!

We’ve had a day full of fabulous rain on Friday, it was glorious, but I still like to celebrate the Sun, so that was the inspiration behind this. Obviously, I paint a day in advance, so it was Friday when this was created. It was Friday evening when the photo was taken, in the dark with the flash on whilst the paint was still wet to get the desired look above I was aiming for. I do have madness in my methods, and use it a great deal of the time. You may or may not have noticed. It’s only subtle.

A wet post for Six Word Saturday




And I’ve been dancing in it!

Well, it rained for about five minutes this morning whilst I was driving, but I was still dancing in the car… thus in the rain! I soon had to stop, however, as when I switched on my windscreen wipers, the windscreen was smeared and caked in a thick, gloopy, muddy layer. A quick windscreen-swill later, and my vision was restored; although the rain was gone.

A grey day remained – which was fabulous! I’m not too keen on it being too hot.

Today’s watercolour, my thirteenth, took less than ten minutes to do. What do you mean ‘I can tell!’? I’ll have you know that this is a wet on wet painting, so it had to be quick. I pretended to be painting it in the rain, and one wouldn’t really want to be doing that for long, would one? I also allowed the paint to do what it wanted, after I’d given it a gentle push.

It does have a wet look, which I quite like, and I also like the reflections (I think I like painting reflections – I wonder if there’s a meaning in that somewhere?) but it is also intended to have an abstract feel to it. Well, it has to have, really, hasn’t it?

Not all watercolours need to be scenes though, so 13/13 for #WorldWatercolorMonth is a view of something through the rain.

On a Different Track

Watercolour twelve of twelve for #WorldWatercolorMonth takes us on a journey through the woods, perhaps. Or maybe an overgrown forest. Or we could be finding our way out of the jungle, along some rickety old railway tracks.

This creation took just over an hour to complete, but because there are so many light and dark spots all over, I can see areas that need tweaking slightly. But, I’m happy with it as it is, so that’s all good! And a bit of greenery always helps!

The View

I’ve just done a pile of washing and mopped the Bathroom floor, and decided I wanted to rest a little by sploshing some watercolour around… handy, considering it’s #WorldWatercolorMonth!

For this painting, my eleventh of eleven, if memory serves me right, is of a simple view out to sea. I found a lighthouse on th’internet and painted it into a scene from my imagination. I quite like how it turned out.  Although I don’t like the wonky photo I’ve taken of it!