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The Mansion: Morsels of Mayhem and Magic

Something to lighten the mood is in order, I feel. Well, something different anyhow.

I’ve harped on about this Mansion of mine for what seems like centuries now. I’ve revealed bits and bobs about it as time’s gone by, like the fact that way beneath the Mansion flows the Lava River for starters; the different Views from the Windows I see which change more regularly than clockwork for the main course; and that odd Room that appeared outside in the Grinds just in time for Halloween that time, for dessert.

As in-between snacks, I’ve:

  • Revealed that there’s a mysterious Shield up on the wall on the Landing
  • Mentioned an all-consuming vortex in the bathroom (which also doubles as my laboratory from time to time)
  • Discovered a hidden room downstairs that was used back in the 1970s by an old space agency that sent a probe out looking for distant worlds (and found one!)
  • Described the rather hot vestibule that leads down to the Cellar
  • Explained how the Mansion, on occasions, drags me into a whole different time period completely for the day
  • Written about the time I conversed with a disembodied voice one morning and another time where items moved to the centre of the room without me (or anyone physical!) being in there
  • Gone into detail about the Grinds that surrind the Mansion, concentrating on the rather large Lake at the bottom end, and the creatures that live down there
  • Hinted that the Mansion sometimes changes shape entirely

For liquid refreshment, I’ve flooded the occasional post with details about the staircase, the different wings, the Driveway, the odd turrets, and the creatures of the night that come alive in the Grinds (away from the Lake)

And for a sprinkling of garnish, I’ve revealed the very stone that is used in parts of the Mansion’s construction… the kind that records history.

One important fact has never been revealed, and that fact is of the utmost trivia… a winner to win the fiercest of trivia competitions… a point so pointless it’s worth knowing just because of that.


I can now reveal that piece of trivia. Brace yourselves, it’s going to be emot – nope – hang on – it’s going to be exceptional. And you were here when it was first revealed!

Shall we have a drum roll? Nope.

Shall we have a spring roll? Er, no…

Shall we have a – let’s forget all that and just roll!


The number of stairs on the staircase up to the landing is fifteen. That’s right. 15 is a magic number. The number of stairs down from the landing is fourteen. 14’s just baffling.

As a hiccup: have I ever mentioned the fact that the Mansion straddles Universes and Dimensions? I’m sure I have. I must have.

And for that reason alone you can see why anything’s possible here.

It really is.