This Year’s Model

As is customary around these here parts, and around this time of the year, one has to dress up for the Annual Santa Selfie post, which happens to be this post this year. As you may or may not be aware, I take terrible Selfies. Absolute shockers. And from those dreadful captures of moments in time, I have to choose the best one to post here. Fortunately, quite a pleasing one came along earlier than expected this year, so I didn’t have to wait for an age. That makes all the difference when one is slightly on the short side, time-wise.

I’ve just noticed how red brings out the colour of my eyes… which must explain why they appear as bloodshot as they do so often…

Well. ‘tis the season for a giggle or two, so why not?!

And, just for proof (if ever it were needed!) here’s an example of just one of the terrible Selfies:

Although some may say this is a slight improvement. Charming, I say!!!

20 Comments on “This Year’s Model

  1. LoL!!! 🙂

    I rarely take selfies – the old guy that gets in the way isn’t getting any younger!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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  2. “As is customary around these here parts, …” It’s customary? REALLY??? Crumbs, I didn’t know that! eeek! … “and around this time of the year, one has to dress up for the Annual Santa Selfie post” We do?? Oh. My. Word!!

    erm … is that just in the UK, Tom? Or just in WordPress?

    I don’t think I’ve ever done a Father Christmas hatted selfie before – [thinks really, really hard, then shakes head] No, no I’m absolutely certain that I haven’t because my rememberer would have remembered if I had, obviously!

    Is this Law? Will I be breaking some sort of Law if I don’t do it? Will I be arrested? Will I be arrested by the Father Christmas Police? erm … are they big and strong and will they pick me up and cradle me in their arms? [wondering to self if this is the drill, because if it is she’d be willing to break the Law for this sort of punishment as she’s never been picked up and cradled, so this could end up being rather a great Christmas Present!]

    and I’m back in the room

    Do let me know, because … well … if it’s a Law, and all that. And I’m thinking that if it is, I might be willing to take one for the team

    Waiting (with excitement building up to little mini squeals) to hear from you
    ~ Cobs. 🙂

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    • Cobs – it is just in the UK, and on WordPress, but only here at the Mansion presently… I don’t think it has spread anywhere else yet.
      I think it is Law around these here parts – you could be right, and the punishment is exactly as you describe, though it’s the Elf Police…
      “… and I’m back in the room… ” are we back to discussing hypnotism again? Dickens’ chickens!!!
      Cobs… is that you squealing???
      😀 😉
      Have a good Sunday.

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  3. Someone commented on the eyes..that’s the first thing that I saw too! It’s a lovely blue! Being in Malaysia…all I get to see are brown eyes…brown, brown..sometimes black..then brown…kind of gets monotonous. lol. You did a very good job on the selfies by the way. I do remember the past years when it was quite difficult for you to do them..teehee

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