Desperately Seeking Selfie

Long time visitors will be well aware of my absolute inept ability to take a Selfie of myself.

This post highlights some of the latest attempts to do so whilst out in the Grinds one of the days last week. It was a particularly warm afternoon, not that that is an excuse, but the Sun was also extremely bright and I couldn’t see a thing. In fact, it was so bright, the accidental eye Selfie actually has a reflected Selfie of me in it taking the Selfie! Although I have no idea how I managed to zoom in that close to my eye, whilst being unable to see, and take such a clear Selfie.

However, for this time at least, I shall class that as Mission Accomplished!

10 Comments on “Desperately Seeking Selfie

    • Thanks, Samantha. I generally try to avoid being photographed as well. I can feel when a camera is on me, and it’s an awful feeling! 😀
      Yes – taking them is so much better.

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  1. Perhaps your camera knows how uncomfortable you are about revealing too much of ‘you’, that it purposely works in such a way that only little snippets of yourself are ever shown.

    But hey … none of us are really bothered about what you look like, for it is the real Tom we’ve got to know. The man who can be serious, daft, carefree, lovely, caring, sharing and totally off the chart sometimes with ‘weirdness’, …. but we all love you just the same. To us, you’re simply Tom – and long may you be so.
    love ~ Cobs. x

    PS … I see what you mean about your hair needing a cut. Shall I bring the scissors and the buzzy thing? LOL.

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    • You may be right, Cobs, ‘though not about the hair – for that is now all gone, and I’m now like a prickly hedgehog with a fringe (kind of fringe – it should be a sticky up bit, but my hair has its own ideas!)
      I like your description of me, Cobs. And I love being off the chart with weirdness – that keeps things unexpected!

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  2. Bravery dear Tom….This seems like a good time to perhaps reveal the all of you. Why stay in the shadows? The push for humanity at this time is to to learn to accept all of ourselves just as we are. Food for thought TL….VK 🙂
    P.S.Take Cobs up on the offer of the buzzy thing! You’ll feel like a whole new person with the wings gone….

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    • I shall be fully revealed on the publication of my first book, VK.
      When that will be is anyone’s guess, but that’s the goal!
      And the hair’s all gone for now. What’s left is still doing its own thing, but hey ho!

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  3. Well… It is a nice bush behind you. Look like it wants to bloom or maybe it has finished.
    I always knew when my boys need a hair cut. The difference was earth shaking.

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  4. you are so silly! LOL! this reminds me of an old sitcom – Home Improvement – where they never showed the neighbors face who lived on the other side of the fence. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Jodi. I love silly!
      Wasn’t the owner in Tom and Jerry sometimes shown faceless in the old cartoons? It may not have been Tom and Jerry now, thinking about it…

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