Ice covered some but not all of the Lake. Some patches were completely frozen, other areas rippled freely as though they were in a totally different and warmer climate. But the mystery came in the patches within the ice. Circles unfrozen, randomly spaced… pockets of warm within icy icy cold?

Posted for Six Word Saturday… in fifty words…

20 thoughts

        1. I thought I’d possibly like the aquarats, but I’m not so sure now. You’ve made me move my half-eaten leftovers from the door here though, CM! Mutant rats… 🐀 🐀 🐀 good one, CM.


    1. Could be aliens, Janet… although I have a feeling these circles may have come from below, rather than above (now that’s a cool twist on this week’s One Word Sunday prompt! 😀 )

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  1. Janet’s suggestion was what was thinking, Tom. There might be aquatic aliens living at the bottom of the lake. Maybe there’s an underground tunnel leading from some else? Oh, golly, the possibilities… 🤔😉

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