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I’ve had a bit of a brainwave this morning. Rather than having all of my random ramblings and my on-going tales all mixed together in this one blog, I thought to myself, ‘Tom, why don’t you set up a new blog for your tales?’

I answered myself with ‘What a good idea!’ and set about setting up another blog. I initially tried to set up a blog with a different blog provider, but for some reason they wanted me to verify who I was by sending a text message to my mobile phone – although nowhere in the initial registration process had I provided a mobile phone number. In fact, there wasn’t anywhere to provide a mobile phone number apart from this verification process. ‘How,’ I continued to think to myself, ‘can providing a mobile phone number verify who I am?’

This was after the initial problem I had of trying to enter those letters from the jumbled-up pictures some sites use to verify that I am not a robot. I thought I was a robot after about eight attempts of failing to enter the letters. I clicked on the little symbol beside the picture that provides a spoken rendition of the letters, so they can be typed if I was having difficulty. I do not know what language the site was using, but it was one I have never heard before. I could only make out one word, ‘repeat’, which kept on being repeated after so many letters had been ‘pronounced’. I returned to the ‘normal’ entry screen, persevered with this a few more times, and finally managed to get my letters accepted.

I then had the mobile phone number verification problem, so I gave up. I scrapped the other blog provider there and then, and decided to stay with WordPress.

So, Talestream came into existence in a flurry of confusion and frustration. Hopefully, that is the end of the problems, and I can now concentrate on what I want to do. Tell tales! I enjoy reading short stories, and have written a few myself over the years. I have written a few during the course of this blog too, so I’ll eventually include them in Talestream over time. At the moment, however, I’m adding the Clancy Farquhar story over there, scene by scene. Not, I must add, necessarily in the correct order… the reasons for this will become clear over time.

Talestream is my name for my imagination. Where worlds and words combine, swirl and branch out into a million and one different streams of possible ideas. The stories I find there will appear on my Talestream blog; anything else I come across will appear here (for now).


Twelve is a magic number, even with a dodgy mouse…


Reality is a funny old thing, really. Well, actually, it’s rather very serious when you look at it that way, but does it have to be?

I mean, I’m real. I’m hardly what would be the dictionary definition of serious. Yet I’m really serious at the same time. And, can you really have fun when you are being serious all of the time? I was going to look up the definition of serious in the dictionary, and then had second thoughts. I don’t want to take being serious too seriously. Seriously.

Time Management.

I manage my time very well at times. At other times, I have found that I have managed my time so well, I’m bored. And, at other times, I haven’t managed my time very well at all, and find that I don’t have time for time management. Perhaps if I incorporated my ‘bored time’ into my ‘no time’ I’d have more time to manage my time. Yeesh. I must have too much time on my hands to do all that! And imagine what I could have been doing in the time I spent sorting out how to better handle my time.

Wireless Mouses.

A wonderful invention if ever there was one. Or many, as the header to this paragraph infers. I don’t get to say ‘mouses’ very often, and although it is underlined with a red squiggly line every time I type it, it is a correct term (mice is OK too, but, hey, mouses). Anyway, mine isn’t working very well. If I need to click and highlight a line of text, it loses its grip, and cuts and pastes part of the highlighted text in a different part of what was originally highlighted. As an example, if I highlighted MIXED UP, the mouse would convert this to MUPIXED. It’s a handy way of creating new words, and was fun to start off with, but it has now lost its charm on me. Especially after the update I have just done to my ‘Blogs To See’ page.

Twelve Links.

I’ve updated my Blogs To See page with twelve more blogs that I have been intending to add since just before 1642. They have been stored in my favourites on my computer for ages, and I had the intention of adding them many Moons ago, but what with reality and time management I never got around to doing it. Today, I finally did. And later, I’ll visit the sites and hope they are still active. Oh, I’ve done that already and they are. See, I’m not serious all of the time… Hopefully, all of the links work, but with all the copying and pasting I was doing the links could be going anywhere but their required destination. I’m sure they won’t be, but I needed to add this part so that the ‘Wireless Mouses’ paragraph made more sense above. See: continuity.


Clever editing. Well, this applies to TV shows and movies and such, but do we have continuity in life? I’ve found myself thinking about my Clancy Farquhar tale, and how continuity has gone out of the window there. I mean everything follows on, but it stops and starts, it isn’t a continual process. And the same is of life. We don’t see everyone we know twenty four hours a day, yet we know what we know, what is going on in their lives, because we ‘fill in the blanks’ ourselves based on what they (and/or other people) tell us. Sometimes we get this wrong, and this is when our own editing isn’t very clever. Or we didn’t have the time to take on board all of the correct information. Or we took things far more seriously than we should have and made two and two make five. Or we had a dodgy mouse – or another excuse for getting things wrong. But, no matter how right or wrong we get things, they all contribute to our reality.

So, if we are always getting things wrong, does that mean our reality is wrong? No. Of course not. We are still making our reality though. And that is how reality can be funny and serious simultaneously. Don’t take things as seriously, and right or wrong, things will still be fun. Or serious, but we can handle them better.

Random Addendum.

This post was meant to highlight that I’ve added twelve blogs to my ‘Blogs To See’ page. Hopefully this didn’t get lost in the middle, but as I have wanted to say ‘Random Addendum’ for a very long time, this is an ideal place to write the reminder. And look… seven, seven, seven.




Who is Clancy Farquhar?

The snow was falling heavily, as it had done so for the last two weeks. Most of the roads in this part of west London were open, but Upper Barnes Mews was one of those that weren’t.

The wireless was reporting a news story of Thailand apparently declaring war on Britain and the United States, and although the older generation sat around and listened carefully, stories of the war had become such an every day thing people just took them in their stride. Michael was more interested in the weather.

The knock at the front door took Michael by surprise, especially as he had been watching the snow falling through the lounge window and hadn’t noticed anybody walk passed. It was just starting to get dark, but he would have still been able to see somebody outside. The house was an end terrace, and the road stopped just passed this house, in fact it was blocked by a brick wall that hid the houses in the road beyond it. There was no way that anyone could have walked into the road from that direction, unless they had climbed over the wall. Which was possible, but highly unlikely due to the heavy snow.

Michael’s mother placed her sewing onto the table in front of her chair, and got up to answer the door. Michael couldn’t make out what was being said in the hallway, but could hear his mother and father talking. His father had already opened the door by the time his mother had left the lounge. Michael then heard another voice. A woman’s voice.

Michael heard a few more hushed words, and then realised that an air raid siren was sounding. His mother came back into the lounge, picked up her sewing work, and took Michael by the hand. She led him to the shelter that was in their back garden.

The shelter was large enough for six people, so there was plenty of room for the four of them. Michael climbed onto his top bunk bed and watched as his mother poured four glasses of fresh orange juice. His father was still speaking quietly to the strange woman who had knocked on the door.

Michael looked at the woman, and saw that she wasn’t so strange after all. Brown hair almost hidden beneath a headscarf, and a long brown coat that went down to just beneath her knees.

The woman noticed Michael looking at her and gave him a kind smile.

“Hello, Michael”, she said, with a northern English accent, “I’m your Auntie Clancy”.

One Minute Ramble: Disconnected

Major problems connecting to the internet this evening… I know when something isn’t right when Google Chrome can’t find Google. Still, perseverance is the key. Where there’s a will there’s a way and all that. As I can’t get on line, I thought I’d write something just in case… I have a window of opportunity. In between downtime there is uptime, and that is the window I am aiming for.

The connection is gone
The web is down
The outside world ceases
Messages fail
Updates go unnoticed
No time to fall to pieces.
Questions asked like
How long until I’m back on line
Plumbed into the World
(The world wide web)
And all my favourite places.
Only time will tell…
Hope it’s not too long
When I can re-use the ‘lifeline’
That Cyber Space is…
A connection to the outside world
And to my friends with words, not faces…

One Minute Ramble: Hair

Short hairaddams-family-cousin-itt
Long hair
Dark hair
Blond hair
My hair

Neat hair
Tidy hair
Combed hair
Curly hair
Straight hair
My hair

Styled hair
Shaved hair
Shiny hair
Big hair
Spiky hair
No hair
My hair

I’d better go and get it sorted out then… bad hair day.