Letters To The Universe… Good Friday Special

Dear Everyone,
Happy Good Friday to you all. Things are slightly different this Easter with plenty of time available for ‘Me Time’. Take it! Enjoy it! Have fun! And stay safe.

Dear The Weather,
You’re glorious today, aren’t you? I can hear the birds in the trees out in the Grinds chirping merrily away, almost chantlike in actual fact. Please continue to shine the Sun’s glorious, healing and Feel Good rays onto us.

Dear The Birds,
What are you singing? You’re all chirping at stopping at the same time, as though you’re all singing the same song. You sound very happy and cheerful, and with the lovely Sunshine you’re making a wonderful Spring-feel Good Friday.

Dear The SuperMoon,
Sorry I didn’t manage to take a good photograph of you the other day. I shall try to be ready the next time you call around, which will mean that I have to learn how to use my camera properly. But learning is always fun, so I’m looking forward to it!

Dear Grapefruit,
How refreshing have you become? I’ve always enjoyed eating you, but lately you truly have become a taste sensation, unless my taste buds have changed. But no, I shall give the credit to your very own deliciousness!

Dear TV,
I usually enjoy watching your historical Easter specials when you show them at this time of the year (obviously, they wouldn’t really fit in at any other time!) so you can imagine how disappointed I was to not find a single one. If you are showing them on one of your ‘other’ channels that I haven’t checked, I apologise, but please try to do better next year with the ‘main’ channels!

Dear Dreams,
Would you be so kind as to ‘drop’ a hint to a meaning when next you present me with one of the coin dreams? This morning’s dream featured a chest full of brand new shiny old coins from the early 1900s. I can clearly remember how they smelled, how they felt, the colour of their metal, but I have no idea where I was, how I’d come across the chest and why some of the coins were square (although for that latter one I may have one explanation!)

Dear Becky,
I think your square challenge is now infiltrating my dreams. Last night, I dreamt of square coins – but I have dreamt of these before, so I can’t say it is the challenge entirely. Perhaps your challenge this time has merely reactivated that part of my Dream Vault!

Dear Blogland,
In case you aren’t aware, Becky (who I sent a letter to above) hosts a photographic blogging challenge every three months, with a different theme. This time around, the theme is ‘Top’, and the rule is merely to include a square photograph containing an image linked to the theme. I’ve already posted a few photos for this challenge, more than I thought I had, if truth be told.

And finally, Dear Eastertide,
I never realised you covered the fifty days from Easter Sunday; I always thought you merely referred to the period of Good Friday to Easter Sunday. So that’s another thing I’ve learned, and as I mentioned in an earlier letter, learning is always fun!

Thank you for reading,

P.S. Here’s another attempt of a square photo of the Moon. I took this through glass on the night after the SuperMoon. I feel on Top of the World (!) to have been able to take a photo which actually shows the surface. Yes, I know it’s totally blurred, but I’m still happy with what I have… which is all that’s important these days! And I’m learning!

Squares header Logo!

Letters To The Universe… The Modern Technology Edition

Dear Old Computer,
Thank you for making me take a breather. I know you have a lot to do, and can be quite slow at things, but I can handle that. Could you please try one thing for me, which would be greatly appreciated if you could do – could you reject the odd Windows Update every now and then? I’m sure if you barred them you would be running a lot faster. And why must we have an update every week anyway?

Dear New Computer,
I haven’t forgotten you. Oh no. I will be using you once again soon to create more 3D art, which is why I got you in the first place. Now that you aren’t connected to the internet, you don’t get those pesky updates, but I need to find a way to move the images I create from you to my old computer. I see a purchase of another portable drive coming on… portable being key here!

Dear Traffic Lights At Pedestrian Crossings,
Would you kindly explain as to why, when one is waiting to cross in heavy traffic when the heavens are opening, you take an eternity to change, yet when the weather is far more drier you change almost instantly? I don’t mind the rain, so if this is your idea of a joke it has fallen flat, but a little more consistency certainly wouldn’t go amiss.

Dear Watercolour Brush Pens,
I have finally bought you. I can’t use you, as you are taking a bit of getting used to, but I do like it how your colours blend when I add the water. I just now need to be able to make the shapes I put down on the watercolour paper actually look like something, and we’re onto a winner. It maybe, alas, a little too late for #WorldWatercolorMonth this year. (And quite possibly next year too, but we will see!)

Dear #WorldWatercolorMonth,
I am getting some paintings done, I’m extremely pleased to announce. Not as many as I would have hoped for, but some at least are getting done, so I am joining in the fun.

Dear Faster Broadband Internet,
Whatever did I do without you? You certainly are quicker, which I am enjoying immensely. The downside is you are opening up time a little which is still being flood-filled by other things right now. I can see I will have to balance the speed of you with the openings you are providing a little better. But please! Whatever you do, DO NOT slow down. You are fine as you are.

Dear Aliens,
I got the impression that you were telling me about some of your world’s plants in my dream the other night. I mean, I couldn’t really understand a word you were saying, with you being aliens and all that, but that was what I thought. I caught an image of one of your plants in my mind’s eye, so painted it in watercolour for #WorldWatercolorMonth. Yes, you have now made watercolour interplanetary! Thanks for that!

Dear Email,
I really do think you are remarkable. One minute what I type is here, and then, in a mere matter of seconds, you have gone to where you are required to go to… although, sometimes the emails can go slightly astray, especially when wrong email addresses are involved. Mind you, the postman can still deliver mail to the wrong address (even when the address is clearly printed in bold letters on the envelope) so there are some similarities with snail mail.

Dear Mobile Phone,
I must say how impressed I am at your automatic brightness setting on the display. I was sat by the Lake earlier today, in the shade from the trees. As you know, it was a little breezy, so as the leaves moved, bright sunlight shone directly through. I had no problems reading the screen in the brightest of light or seeming pitch darkness as you kept the display universal to my eyes. I must apologise for making you work so hard today, but you were impressive to say the least.

And Finally, Dear Blogland,
I hope you have a technologically fabulous weekend.

P.S., I almost forgot. Here is the watercolour of the alien flower I painted from a dream I had. At the end of this post is a link to Doodlewash, where you will find more details about World Watercolour Month, if you haven’t the foggiest notion as to what I keep waffling on about.

World Watercolor Month July 2019 Doodlewash

Letters To The Universe… The Short Edition

Dear Blogland,
Apologies for the short Letters post this week, but time once again has caught up with me. Or I it, depending upon the point of view.

Dear Time,
Please could you slow down just a little for the next month or so? I have so much to do I just need to be able to fit it all in. Just going slowly for an hour a day would be perfect… whilst I’m doing my urgent bits and bobs. I would really appreciate it.

Dear Drivers,
Yes, I have to write to you again. Could you please remember that under normal conditions, the left lane is for turning left and the right lane is for turning right when at a junction where two lanes meet another road. A lot of you nowadays think both lanes are for turning left. An added problem is created here with drivers of cars without indicators – without basic rules of the road things could easily turn to pandemonium!

Dear The Weather,
Thank you for keeping the temperatures nice. It is warm but not too warm, meaning there are places which remain cooler so we can chill out just a little!

Dear #WorldWatercolorMonth,
Here is today’s watercolour, “Three Trees”. I must admit the trees are ink, so this is a mixed media painting; although the rest is watercolour:

And Finally, Dear Blogland Once Again,
Have a fabulous weekend.

P.S., please click the link below to find out more about World Watercolour Month. Thank you.

World Watercolor Month July 2019 Doodlewash

Letters To The Universe… The It’s Been A While Edition

The Letters To The Universe are back!

Dear December,
I can’t believe that you aren’t still with us. I also can’t believe that we are now on the Cusp of July. My last Letters To The Universe were sent on 7th December 2018, and that feels like last week… although I should remember that we had a heatwave in February, and that should remind me that we have actually passed December. I shall let you off this time.

Dear Heatwave,
You’re sneaking up on us, aren’t you? Well thank you very much for doing that… usually, you just spring yourself upon us without warning, as you did in February, but it’s so much better when you ease us into the long hot days. Not too hot, mind, so that I feel like I’m melting, but nice will do. Oh, and welcome back!

Dear Drivers,
Would you be so kind as to tell me where you manage to buy vehicles without indicators? Every vehicle I’ve had has always had two, one for turning left and the other for turning right, but I’m seeing more and more that don’t have them. It must save an awful lot of time being able to turn without indicating you are about to do so.

Dear Little Bird,
I hope you enjoyed your short visit to our world. I didn’t want to leave your little body in the centre of the lawn, so I moved it into the hedges, where I think you’d have probably spent most of your time whilst in our mortal existence anyway. Enjoy flying in your new place.

Dear Watercolourists,
Are you ready for World Watercolour Month next month? I think I am… although I had intended to give myself a head start and get a few paintings underway, but plans, time and I are, for most of the time, on completely different wavelengths.

Dear Sleep,
You seem to be hyper-powered at the moment, as I’m Feeling Good on the few hours of sleep a night I’m getting. I know it’s my fault for leaving it so late to get to bed, and then I have to get up in the morning a mere few hours later, but you are providing me with a few wonderful zeds. I think that’s Fabulous, and wanted to write to you to say so!

Dear The Word ‘Arcadian’,
You do not look as you mean. To me, I mean. When I think of ‘idyllically pastoral’, you aren’t the first thing that springs to mind. But what does spring to mind, when I see ‘idyllically pastoral’ is something extremely pleasant indeed. So I’m not complaining!

And Finally, Dear Blogland,
I hope you don’t mind, but I thought it was time to start sending a few of these letters out to the Universe once again. You never know, someone may read them!

Thank you for reading,

P.S. I always end these posts with a P.S., so here is this week’s P.S. Just a quick joke to launch the weekend with a jolly old laugh. A good laugh? A groan then? Ah well.

Oh! The joke!!!

A short psychic broke out of jail. There’s now a small medium at large.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Christmas Letter To The Universe

Dear Universe,
Merry Christmas to the part of you that celebrates it, and Happy Days! to all. You may have noticed that this week’s Letters To The Universe is slightly different than usual.

It is a Christmas Special, and I am addressing it directly to you.

The times we are currently living in are rather funny to say the least. Interesting, possibly, for future historians who would like to look back to see how we primitives lived through the onset of technological advancement. I wonder how these future historians would view us?

Will they see how great we can be / could have been / are? Or will they see the divisions between us all which seem to be promoted wherever we look.

Will they see our triumphs and achievements? I hope so, because I can’t seem to see any today that I can write about here. There probably are some, there must be, and this is in no way meant to detract their greatness, but news of them is buried beneath petty political squabbles and frustrating political correctness, scandals, and propaganda that shouldn’t really exist in a modern and civilised society.

Perhaps future historians will see us from today as barbarians, but Universe, I’m writing today to advise that we are most certainly not. Not on the whole, anyway. We are filled with greatness and compassion and adventure and excitement and wonder and awe. We are somewhat confused and conflicted, I’ll give you that, and some of us do have ideologies where their way is the only way, but our historians have seen people like that from our past.

Perhaps in this coming year, we will see a change and move forward in leaps and bounds. We will free ourselves from our backward thinking mindsets and wake up to see us and our world for the greatness it actually is.

One thing I would like to say, Universe, is that through all of the rubbish that we put ourselves through, we are still here, and we still keep on keeping on. Jealousies, passions, crackpot ideas, and other stuff aside we are doing it… and generally doing it well.

Christmastime is the time to show goodwill to all men… or so we are told, but I believe we should aim to be showing goodwill to all men all of the time. Due to reasons mentioned earlier in this letter, sometimes that show of goodwill is more than a little challenging, but it also isn’t a pipe dream.

I know I spend quite a lot of my time away with the faeries, riding unicorns in Cloud Cuckoo Land, and return to find myself in a dark reality that shouldn’t really be here, but I try to seek out the Light and shine a positive glow wherever I can. A lot of other people I know do the same, and hopefully this Light will stand out in the future, so future historians will see that through our dark flaws we still have an inner Light that saw us through.

Thank you for reading, Universe, and once again Merry Christmas!

P.S. I always end with a P.S., so I don’t think there should be any difference for this special Christmas Letter To The Universe Christmas Special. I’d like to end with a simple quote or two or three or four…

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

Oscar Wilde.

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.

Og Mandino.

We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.

Marilyn Monroe.

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.


P.P.S Dear Universe, I have embedded a wish within this Letter, obviously for the Greatness of All. May we all share in the Light and show our future historians just how fabulous we really are.