Beyond the Sphere

Redirected Letters To The Universe… The Just Be Happy Edition

Dear The Word Happy, Such a cheerful word you are! I feel delighted every time I see you, even ecstatic at times! You invoke jubilant, pleasant and upbeat emotions which add to the Feel Good factor no end,… Read More

Letters To The Universe… Good Friday Special

Dear Everyone, Happy Good Friday to you all. Things are slightly different this Easter with plenty of time available for ‘Me Time’. Take it! Enjoy it! Have fun! And stay safe. Dear The Weather, You’re glorious today, aren’t… Read More

Letters To The Universe… The Modern Technology Edition

Dear Old Computer, Thank you for making me take a breather. I know you have a lot to do, and can be quite slow at things, but I can handle that. Could you please try one thing for… Read More

Letters To The Universe… The Short Edition

Dear Blogland, Apologies for the short Letters post this week, but time once again has caught up with me. Or I it, depending upon the point of view. Dear Time, Please could you slow down just a little… Read More

Letters To The Universe… The It’s Been A While Edition

The Letters To The Universe are back! Dear December, I can’t believe that you aren’t still with us. I also can’t believe that we are now on the Cusp of July. My last Letters To The Universe were… Read More