Dear Temperature,
Always nice to feel you rise as Summer approaches, but would you mind rising a little more gradual this year rather than hitting us full pelt one morning and remaining at sweltering for several weeks… I only ask so that we can have time to adjust and enjoy you more!

Dear Traffic Lights,
Such a pleasure when you change to green as I approach. You cut my journey time by half when you do this, and it is quite exhilarating when each of you change in turn as I approach! I really would like to experience this phenomenon more often.

Dear The Word Phenomenon,
You always make me smile when I see you, which is a little strange I know, but you do. And when I say you, I think of…

Always a joy!

Dear The Word Flibbertigibbet,
You too are another word that makes me smile, and I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without saying so!

Dear All The Small Things,
You simply amuse me! Fabulous!

Dear Articulated Lorry Driver,
Should you really be hurtling down a road at such a speed in a vehicle your size? I was going to say that you could easily not see a vehicle as small as mine when doing so, but as you overtook me you obviously saw me. All I can say is take care next time – I’m sure your stopping distance will be greatly increased should you need to brake sharply.

Dear Tufty,
Just to say it was a pleasure as always to see you floating in the Lake with your beak tucked under your wing whilst you slept. When that gust of wind got up and spun you around like it did, I was laughing with you and not at you! Hope you didn’t get too dizzy!

Dear Paintbrushes,
I do intend to use you again, I do!, and I will do so soon. Just making a few readjustments time-wise, and then you will be back in action!

Dear Balmy Evening,
Such a pleasure to walk out in you the other evening, even though I was only walking to the supermarket. You made waiting to cross the pedestrian crossing all the more pleasant.

Dear Moonlight,
It was so comforting seeing your brilliant glow shining through my window last night. You are very relaxing and helped me drift off into a replenishing and rejuvenating sleep. I didn’t look rejuvenated when I awoke once again, but I felt it… so thank you!

And to finish… Dear All,
Greet a stranger with a smile. A smile from a stranger may be all that they need to make their day.

Thank you for reading!

Here’s a photo of Lucie Jones to finish. Lucie who??

LUCIE JONES! She is representing the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine this weekend. Brexit or no Brexit, good luck Lucie! Just to be sure.


    1. I always find I have a lot to say – the tricky bit is what to leave out! And this is a great way of getting the messages out there, Elaine! As for green lights… bring them on! 😀


  1. Dearest, sweetest Tom.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for for another “Dear ______” post. I enjoyed the last one so very much and hoped that another one would be arriving soon…. and here it is.

    Thoroughly enjoyable read, and I understood every one of them. And … like you and just like Elaine (above) .. I too had a day last week, when all the traffic lights were the right colour and I sailed through them. I felt as if I simply HAD to have Harry Potter on the roof of my car, because that NEVER N.E.V.E.R. happens normally.
    It gave me a fabulous tickly, giggly feeling.

    I shall sit and wait with my hope held in my hand for another edition of Letters from Tom to the Universe.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Squidges, Cobs! I love how you like these posts! And sorry for the late reply, by the way, I’m a terrible blogger at present.
      I’m pleased you experienced the green light phenomenon as well! It’s so magical!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re not a terrible blogger Tom… you simply have ‘stuff’ which is currently making blogging a little difficult.

        Whatever your ‘stuff’ is .. I hope that it’s good, or that if it’s not, then I hope it turns out to be ok and over and done with.

        Squidges and squishes … and a hug in there too. ~ Cobs. x

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It is good stuff, Cobs, but rather a lot of it… but that said, I MUST resume blogging, which I’m very much so making an attempt at today. Kind of.
          And thank you for all the squigs’n’things.

          Liked by 1 person

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